5 ways to Manage Andropause


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Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for deep voice, facial and body hair, development of the male reproductive system and the male sex drive. But, what happens when the level of this hormone recedes as a part of ageing? It results in a condition similar to menopause in women and is called male menopause or andropause. Andropause is the generalised decrease in the male hormone testosterone. About 30% of men in their 50s experience the condition.

Few classic signs and symptoms of the condition include low sex drive, difficulty in getting erections, erections are not as strong, difficulty in holding an erection, irritability, mood swings, short temper, muscle fatigue or loss in muscle strength, hot flashes, lack of energy, generalised body fatigue, tiredness, and depression.

5 Ways To Manage Andropause

Reduction in testosterone levels is common in men with increasing age. Let's look at the 5 common ways to manage andropause.

Manage your Weight

Obesity in older men leads to hypogonadism that results in low testosterone. Also, low testosterone levels are linked with susceptibility to obesity and so, and it creates a vicious cycle. To avoid this, regular cardiovascular exercises are recommended for older men as having a regular exercise routine helps in keeping your body active and creates a balance of hormones in the body.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking creates many changes in the body, including a reduction in testosterone levels in men. So, to maintain a healthy quantity of testosterone, it is advisable for men to quit smoking.

Avoid Stress

Increased stress levels are directly related to hormonal imbalance, including reduced testosterone levels in men. So, it is best advised to de-stress your life and adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce symptoms of andropause.

Healthy Diet

Diet plays a very crucial role in how our body feels each day. As we grow older, our diet must continue to be a balanced one with adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help our body stay healthy. A diet filled with fresh produce, whole grains, and high-quality dairy products helps in maintaining a balance of hormones including testosterone in the body and manage andropause.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential to our routine as it is the only time our body is completely relaxed and gets a chance to heal itself. But, as people age, the amount of sleep they get reduces. Lack of sleep is a trigger for many ailments, including andropause. In today's day and age, lack of sleep can occur due to factors like stress, poor diet, excessive work pressure etc, all of which can result in andropause.


While there are few effective ways to manage andropause by yourself, there are few ways by which doctors can treat the condition. The most common way to treat andropause is by testosterone replacement therapy. This is often done using testosterone gels, pills, or injections. Doctors also advise the treatment of other underlying conditions like type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression in order to treat andropause symptoms.

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