The Secret For Weight Loss Revealed


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**Sudha Krishnan, **25 years, Techie

Accomplishment: Lost 12 kgs in 4 months

Guide: DocsApp

Meet Sudha:

Sudha is the quintessential career woman:A techie during the day and a poet in the after hours. She is a self-proclaimed cat lady and she believes that SRK is the greatest actor of all times. Everything was perfect in Sudha’s life until she became a victim of body shaming.

The red flag:

Sudha tried everything from crazy diets, to popping weight loss pills,to praying to her family deity to help her shed off a few kilos; there wasn’t a method to the madness.

Yo-yoing between diets and changing ways of paying obeisance to all the 300 crore deities did not help Sudha lose even a few inches. She plateaued at 79kgs, the scales did not move in any direction despite the endless diets and drama.

The wakeup call came in the form of a comment on one of her pictures on Facebook; the comment read “Congratulations! When are you due?”.

Sudha was devastated, she had had enough, she was determined to lose weight and this time she swore that she wouldn’t stop until she succeeded.

Sudha’s secret:

Sudha’s best friend introduced her to DocsApp. She downloaded the app and got in touch with Dr. Meenakshi within 7 minutes. She discussed all her problems via chat and it was easy for the doctor to understand what needs to be done. She advised Sudha to run a few tests, which Sudha did on the app itself.

The doctor charted out a diet plan especially for her body type and suggested Sudha to enroll herself in a fitness regimen of her choice.

Every time Sudha had a temptation to eat something that she shouldn’t, Dr. Meenakshi helped her with it. The doctor also helped her with diet tips and recipes to healthy dishes.

With Dr.Meenakshi’s constant guidance, exercise and diet; Sudha lost 12 kgs in 4 months. She is only 7 kilos away from her goal weight.

Sudha says:

Docsapp was my saviour. It helped me go from fat to fit in less than 4  months. There is more to a weight loss regimen than just calories and kilograms; Talk to an expert before you begin your journey to a new you. The journey is not easy, but the end result is worth the pain.

Help is just an app away! Download DocsApp today.