Skin Tips For Diwali - Daily Wash | Day 1 Of #5DaysToDiwaliGlow


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We are just a week away from Diwali 2019. Amongst all the festivals we celebrate throughout the year, the importance of Diwali cannot be matched by any other festival on the calendar. Apart from buying the right gifts for friends & family, there’s no question that festivities bring on a lot of pressure to look & feel the best.

While we all know that grooming isn’t easy for everyone, with many others providing suggestions on how to do just that, it is not easy to figure out what advice to follow. Moreover, what adds to the confusion is the need to make oneself Diwali-ready in time. Whether starting a week before, or just the previous night, all our efforts should be focused on one single day. Well, to begin with, the first thing to do is take care of the most important thing, the skin.

No doubt you can follow 30-day long regimes to make your skin look perfect or do a crash course in giving your skin the right Diwali glow. However, it is always better to start with the basics. What are the basics you ask? Do not worry we have you covered.

Let’s start with our first simple tip which can be followed to get the perfect Diwali glow for the skin.

Why You Should Wash Your Face Daily!

The first thing to do is perhaps the simplest. Wash your face daily to get rid of all the pollutants, dirt, dust etc. which are the first things that attack the glow of facial skin, as soon as one steps out. Dealing with smoke from vehicles, the harsh heat from the sun, and generally being in humid environments adds to the difficulties in making the skin look healthier & radiant in-time for Diwali.

Here are a few parameters to consider when thinking about air quality:

·         Air quality Index

·         Particulate Matter

·         Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

·         Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)

·         Carbon Monoxide (CO)

The concentration of these gases and other elements in the air will determine how the outdoors will treat the skin. The levels in which these elements exist in the air, and the balance between them will decide the amount of effort and the kind of treatment it will take to get a glowing skin worthy of Diwali.

Everything considered, it does seem kind of miraculous that all that is needed to combat all the things mentioned above is just a little face wash. All those hours of continuous skin bashing by dust, smoke and other pollutants can be washed away in just a few moments to reveal a natural, bright, brilliant glow of the skin. Always keep a face wash handy, to give the skin the glow it deserves this great festive season of Diwali.

For more tips and a customised skin care routine, you can always talk to a dermatologist online on DocsApp.