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First things first; Work stress is important. It helps you stay on track, be focused and motivated to complete your tasks. It serves the purpose of a catalyst when it comes to getting the job done. In fact, the right amount of stress can go a long way in helping you grow as a professional. However, there’s a line that needs to be drawn but considering the pressure, deadlines and never-ending work demands, most of us seem to cross the line and that’s when the exact same work stress which used to be a good thing starts making things worse. It starts interfering in every sphere of your life and pushes you to the point of misery.

That being said, very often, we find ourselves close to that point of misery. The points mentioned in this article will help you pull yourself back and maintain the right balance between job satisfaction and personal satisfaction.

Learn to differentiate: Only you can decide what fits where in your life. Therefore, one of the most important steps in escaping work stress is not letting it interfere with your personal life. Be stern about your limitations. Give your 100% at work so you don’t have to make up for lost time by cutting down moments from your personal life.

Get sufficient sleep: We, generally, underestimate the power if sleep. Getting proper sleep means proper rest for your body and mind and a fresh body and mind are the two most efficient tools of productivity and satisfaction. Ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night and soon you’ll notice how your day at work is enhanced by the same.

Don’t bite on more than you can chew: We fall prey to stress because we take on more than we are able to do. If you feel like something can’t be done in the provided time, be honest and upfront to your employer and ask for an extension. On the other hand, don’t slack and wait till the last moment to get the job done. Rushing into things and scarcity of time are the biggest contributors to work stress.

Be organized: A dirty desk, scattered files, a messy work environment give you unnecessary work stress. Ensure that all your things are kept in an organized way in order to provide yourself with ease of access whenever you need it. Take time once in a while to dump the irrelevant documents and reorganize your desk. It psychologically functions you to think of it as a new beginning and a chance to start over.

Indulge in an activity of your choice: Be it a sport, reading, stargazing or spending time with family; ensure that you take out time for the things that you love doing. The moment you feel that your work is pulling you away from the things that you love, you become a victim to work stress. Dedicate 15 minutes or multiple hours in a day, but never hold back from doing what you love.

Take a break: The brain, just like other body parts, is an organ and can fall prey to fatigue. If you feel like your brain is being over-exerted, don’t hesitate to ask your employer for a break. Mental sick leaves are as important as any other leave and it’s your right to ask for one when you need it. Use the mental vacation to relax your mind by indulging in activities that you make you happy.

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