Regular back pain - don't ignore the warning signs


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In this fast and stressful life that most of us lead, one of the most ignored elements of life is health since we are busy paying attention to the other more ‘important’ tasks. With the work from home culture becoming prevalent, people are exhausted, stressed and the capacity to provide the best results has deteriorated.

Staying at home and working from home isn't easy as it sounds because the posture and working habits are affected which almost inevitably leads to back pain. This is the most common problem noticed in the current times which may be minor or major depending on how long it has been prevailing. Sitting for long hours in a position that may not be ideal for the back, puts pressure on parts that are most sensitive such as the spinal cord, which is why larger problems start showing up.

Some amount of pressure or strain on the muscles can give you back pain which is why it is important to treat pain while it is still new and fresh. Choose to use ice compress, proper back support and regular breaks to avoid long-term issues. If you are active, you need to make sure that you exercise by limiting weights so that the back pain does not double up.

Back pain is also caused when you have any injury in the back area, degeneration of the disc because of wear and tear, lack of muscle health and constant pressure on nerves. Any kind of persisting pain in the back should be considered a warning sign that something wrong is in the body. Some back pain may radiate through the upper part of the body including the shoulders and neck along with the connecting lower parts of the body such as the thighs & legs. In both scenarios the pain in the back is dangerous and should be take seriously. Some of the warning signs include:

  • Weakness in legs, difficulty in standing
  • Controlling and passing urine
  • Numbness and constant pain in the area
  • Weakness and problem in bowel movements
  • Not being able to hold things or hold heavy objects.

So the basic care for back pain is to start using a pillow or any other firm support for your back while sitting. You also need to visit a specialist to make sure that you are not facing any major health issue. You need to stay away from weight lifting, hardcore exercises and intense workouts. While sleeping you may switch to a firm mattress that would prove comfortable for your back and help you get sufficient rest. You can also practice basic exercise and yoga postures including stretching which provides relief for back pain. Avoid high heels if you are facing the issue of back pain.

If you fail to identify the warning signs in time you may end up in greater trouble and issues pertaining to your back may only get aggravated. The situation can get highly alarming and severe leading to pain in carrying out routine activities like standing, sitting and bending or shifting. It is important to remember that if you do not take timely action:

  • The movement of your body may also get restricted if anything major is detected and that would result in complete bed rest since the muscles in the back are highly fragile.
  • While back pain is the most common pain seen in people of every age whether young or old even if you are young and kicking you may have to go through extensive treatment.

Some common reasons for back pain:

  • Malaria can cause back pain because of nausea and weakness
  • Kidney stones can also give back pain as the stone is in the back region
  • Sneezing too hard can also cause back pain as pressure is released and a catch occurs in the muscles.
  • The non-flexibility and immobility of the spine results in back ailment such as spondylitis which is a form of arthritis and is identified by severe pain in the back.

When your body gives you signs you should not ignore them and take action to avoid further damage because of the pain. You should visit a doctor at the earliest, take medications and follow due process to get rid of the problem. You should always add vitamins, minerals and calcium to your diet so that your bones and muscles are strong at every stage of your life irrespective of age. Prevention is always better than cure, which is why you need to be alert about your health and its issues before they worsen.