Why Your Child Needs A Regular Health Check


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Any parent’s worst nightmare is his/her child falling sick. Parents want to see their children happy, healthy, and active. However, the truth is children do fall sick; and they are likely to contract different kinds of illnesses. This is where the help of a doctor comes in. Your child needs to be examined regularly by a doctor to preempt an illness. That is why you should book yearly health check-ups for your child.

Prevention is better than cure

This maxim applies to children as well. Many parents take their kids to the doctor only when they notice signs of an illness. But some illnesses display symptoms in advanced stages. In such cases, starting treatment late can be dangerous. However, regular health check-ups can bring to light any health condition that is setting in so that treatment can start right away, and the disease can be nipped in the bud.

Precautionary measures

Your paediatrician can suggest precautionary measures that you can adopt to reduce the likelihood of certain diseases that afflict children such as chickenpox, diarrhoea, common cold, viral fever, measles, etc. These illnesses strike during particular seasons. Your child's doctor can tell you when to be careful and if any medicines should be taken when the slightest symptoms show up.

Vaccination update

Vaccines can save your child’s life by immunising him/her. There are many vaccines that your child needs and many of them are delivered in multiple doses. When you visit your child’s doctor at regular intervals, he/she will remind you to vaccinate your child by enquiring if you are following the schedule.

Measuring your child’s growth

There are several indicators that show if your child is growing at a normal rate. Growth is not just physical, but psychological and intellectual as well. At yearly check-ups, your paediatrician will run carry out simple examinations that will reveal if your child is growing at the right pace. The doctor will measure the child’s oxygen level, pulse rate, body temperature, height, weight, and scan his/her pupils. If the doctor suspects anything unusual, he/she will recommend further tests.

Air out your concerns

If you are worried about your child’s health or any aspect of his/her behaviours and actions, you can talk to your doctor during the health check-up and put your mind at ease.

Vital examination

Children often contract grave diseases as they grow up. However, when you opt for a regular health check-up, your doctor would be able to sense these illnesses because he/she carries out examinations of the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, eyes, etc. If you want to know which illnesses are very common among children and what their signs are, you can always talk to a doctor online on DocsApp.


Children’s health check-ups at least once a year are vital for their health. So, book one today!