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Acne vulgaris…a skin condition that involves the hair follicles and the oil glands, both in men as well as women of almost all age groups. In adult men, acne is commonly observed due to excess secretion of sebum in the sebaceous glands.

Sounds too difficult! Right? In our simple language, it is the most common skin disorder, which can occur at any age. Though more commonly observed in teenagers and women, it’s not very unusual for adult men to experience acne.

Now you must be thinking, why we are talking so much about this problem.

Let me tell you one important fact about acne. It is a physical problem, which can traumatise your mental health! Sounds scary! Right? ... Yes, it does, and it is indeed!

It can affect one’s self-esteem and confidence during the course and even afterwards, it leaves most unpleasant permanent scars on the skin. This can affect patients’ emotional health as well.


Most of the time the hormonal changes trigger the acne. The oil secretion in the skin increases during hormonal changes. This excess oil clog skin pores, and this causes the bacteria to grow. Both these problems cause a breakdown.

Mild or moderate acne can continue in post-adolescent age. It can also suddenly appear in adulthood often referred as adult acne. Even middle-aged men who never experienced the problem in their teenage can suffer from adult acne condition. Before you start self-medicating, get to know the reason behind the breakout. There are multiple actually



Bacterial Infection

Poor Hygiene

Drug Reaction

Fortuitously, adult acne may not be as severe as the teenage acne.

Treatment Options

The fact is Acne cannot be cured! It can only be controlled!

Step 1:

Have a clean face. Keep your follicles open by using cleansers, and remove the dead skin. A gentle scrubbing with a mild cleanser, without irritating the skin will help largely.

Step 2:

Few causes can also be treated using medication available over the counter. Try them for six weeks and if it does not show any effect, change it. Giving six weeks recovery time to any medication is advisable.

Step 3:

Prescribed antibiotics can also work to improve current skin condition.

Step 4:

Laser therapy, for treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne also proves helpful in few cases. This treatment is effective in treating the scars left by acne.

For the patients suffering from acne, it is advisable to avoid squeezing. This will further worsen the situation and will leave scars behind. If skin gets dry because of the medication use oil-free moisturiser. Try to keep your face oil & dust free. Frequently wash your face with a medicated face wash. It is good to see a skin specialist and strictly follow the treatment to get the optimum benefit while treating adult acne in men.

Unlike other medical treatments, skin treatment may take a longer time to show actual results. Please don’t get discouraged, be patient!


If you are a middle-aged man and experiencing an acne problem, it is quite normal.  Men can also face this problem because of hormonal changes or genetic history. The good news is an effective medication is available to treat and control acne.

Seeing a skin specialist in the early stage will surely help!

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