Why Do We Need a Health Check?


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Preventive health check up

About a year ago when US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred over their competencies for office, a key criterion came under the scanner and the outcome was awaited with much anticipation around the world: the results of their mandatory health check. Your health can often hamper your ability to perform under various stressful conditions, be it at home, at work, or when you face the world at large. A preventive health check up can help you pursue your goals to the best of your abilities and in the best of health.

Benefits of Health Check Ups

  • Prevention is better than cure, to which extent health checks can help you identify any ailments early on and seek the right treatment.
  • Routine complete body check up and blood tests can also help you monitor and control any existing medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • Do away with mental disturbances about inexplicable symptoms that you and your family are worried about.
  • Keep a check on hormonal imbalances due to conditions such as thyroid and get on the required medication at the earliest.
  • There’s nothing like a clean bill of health to keep you motivated towards your health goals!

When Do Adults Need a Check Up?

How often do you need these check ups? Depends largely on these factors:

  • Age: If you are healthy and under 30 and with no risk factors such as being overweight or being a smoker, you can opt for a health check once every 2 years. For those who are sexually active, screening for sexually transmitted diseases and infections are recommended more regularly as per your physician’s advice. For women, a pap smear is also recommended to screen for cervical cancer from as early as 21 years of age. Between 30-40 years, the recommended time frame for health checks for healthy individuals is 1-2 years. Mammograms are recommended for women post 40, and should be repeated at the same intervals, once every 1-2 years. For those between 30-40 years of age with existing medical conditions and for individuals above 50, an annual health check is most recommended.
  • Lifestyle factors: Inactive lifestyle, poor diet, exposure to excess pollution, stressful job, smoking, higher consumption of alcohol – all of these factors and other increasingly common lifestyle challenges can also mean you need a regular health check to keep track of your health.
  • Family history of medical conditions: Do you know of any genetic illnesses that you can be prone to such as thalassemia or is there a family history of heart disease? Specific health checks such as cardiac health check up and those that include genome mapping can help you catch the disease early and get on a preventive course of treatment.

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