Patient story : Kushal , 25 Male


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Working in a startup is a fad. The allure of flexible work hours, unconventional workspaces, refrigerators loaded with food and beer makes everyone want to work for a startup.

Kushal, moved from Delhi to Bangalore with dreams in his eyes and a bag full of food that his Dadi maa forced him to carry. He was on cloud nine as he had landed a job in one of the most sought after startups in the country.

All was well, until the pressure of the chaotic environment got to him. He was working 12 hour days and pulling all nighters almost every week. The transition from Delhi to Bangalore had already beaten his self confidence to a pulp, the food and the environment was raining over his spirit. Kushal noticed a change in himself, he stopped socializing and kept to himself, his health was facing the brunt of all this. Afraid of falling prey to depression Kushal sought to the internet to help him through his dark phase. He realized he wasn’t alone when he watched people sharing their stories and struggles with depression on Youtube. He realized that all he needed to do was talk to someone, a psychologist perhaps.

After futile attempts of trying to find doctors in his vicinity and wondering why no startup was solving this problem, he stumbled upon DocsApp. He learnt about DocsApp through a Facebook post. He figured that he could chat with a psychologist at the comfort of his home using the app. He was apprehensive about discussing his problems via chat he also wondered about not being able to create a rapport with the doctor online, but Dr.Ankush understood his hesitance and made him comfortable and luckily Kushal did not have to switch to another doctor on the app. Kushal found solace in his regular chats with the doctor, he knew he could discuss anything with the doctor without being judged, he freely discussed about his fight with addiction to substances. Kushal started to notice a change in his behaviour, the weight that was dragging him down was slowing being lifted.After two months of chatting with the doctor Kushal felt much better and he began regaining his confidence.

It’s been four months since his consultation and Kushal has nothing to worry about anymore. He found the tricks to strike a balance between work and life. He now heads a team of four and whenever he feels he low, he knows that help is just an app away!

Kushal , 25 Male