Parenting Isn’t easy, but Staying Healthy is, with MediBuddy


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Parenthood is an exhilarating experience for any couple. You wait eagerly for 9 months and enter a whole new realm of joy when you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time! But parenting surely is altogether another ball-game.

While parents and even parents-to-be try to figure out the best way to bring up their child, they are flooded with advice from the elders in the family as well as doctors and counsellors, often getting bogged down in the process, as they struggle to become that ‘perfect parent’.

Given the pace of life today, parenting is becoming an even more difficult task. However, whether you are a business professional, an entrepreneur or a busy stay-at-home parent, in order to take care of your children you have to be in the best of your health physically as well as mentally.

This Mother’s Day give your child the gift of a healthy parent with MediBuddy, which is your curated network for outpatient services! However busy you may be, you can take care of your health from wherever you are! Get yourself acquainted with MediBuddy and access a world of wellness and outpatient services at your fingertips. Choose from a wide range of outpatient services such as doctor consults, medicines, health checks and more!

Here are the services currently available on MediBuddy:

  1. HEALTH CHECK: Comprehensive packages, at attractive rates.
  2. MEDICINES: Prescription medicines at discounted rates, home delivered.
  3. CONSULTATIONS: A specialist for your every medical need, just a click away.
  4. HOME HEALTHCARE: Superior medical care, at the comfort of your home.
  5. TELE CONSULTATION: Get in touch with a specialist over a call, at your preferred date and time, from anywhere.
  6. SECOND OPINION: Specialist doctors, to help you in your times of doubt.
  7. GENOME STUDY: Understand your health, right from the DNA level.

As a token of love to all the mothers and women in the family, we have special discounts and offers on MediBuddy! Go ahead and check out the Offers page on MediBuddy to browse through the special discounts available.

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