Why you should not book anymore doctor appointments?


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From a 3 days old baby to a 70-year-old man; healthcare is essential for everyone. According to WHO standard, there should be 1 doctor for every 1000 patients but unfortunately, in India, there is one doctor for every 1600 patients.

That being said, it’s easy to figure out why all the hospitals/clinic always have a huge queue outside them.

But for a 21st-century person, waiting is indeed a waste of time. We are always on the lookout for a faster and efficient solution. This is where online doctor consultations come in the picture. Over the years, online doctor consultations have become popular among the masses as it allows to save up time that is otherwise spent on traveling, waiting, etc.

What is an online doctor consultation?

In an online doctor’s consultation:
● The patients and doctors are always connected through the internet/call.
● Instead of the physical sitting in the doctor’s room, the patient and the doctor can have a conversation over the phone/video.
● The patient can share details of their symptoms or a picture of the affected areas and after analyzing the picture, the doctor provides an analysis of the condition.
● The doctor then provides a prescription to the patient.
● The patient can ask follow-up questions to his doctor for the next 3 days.

Studies suggest that around 70% health issues can be handled online. Keeping that in mind, IIT Alumni Satish Kannan and Enbasekar D. came up with the idea of DocsApp. By combining medical intelligence and engineering knowledge, DocsApp allows to the users to get an online doctor consultation within minutes from anywhere, at any time.

The process of consulting a doctor on DocsApp is as easy as ringing a doorbell.

Here’s how you can do an online doctor consultation on DocsApp:

  1. Ask your health question to the doctor on the app.
  2. A specialist will be appointed to you within a minute.
  3. Pay the doctor’s consultation fee and start a chat with the doctor and get answers to your health questions.
  4. For a more precise analysis, you can upload lab reports, pictures of affected areas, previous prescriptions, etc.

In addition to that, using DocsApp you can also avail FREE stuff such as:

  1. Free health assessment tests on the App in the self care section.You can assess your BMI(body mass index), Mental health, Cardiac risk, Thyroid risk and much more using our free dignostic tools
  2. Articles on Common diseases, symptoms and treatments by MD specialist Doctors
  3. Health tips by certified doctors on the app

So no more traveling, no more queues, and no more waiting because with DocsApp, help is just an app away!

Team DocsApp