This Note From Vignesh's Diary Will Leave You in Tears


Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                                                           Dec-21-2016

Today was a good day. It was mum and dad’s 37th anniversary and all of us went out for dinner. We went to The Punjab Grill. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food was good, but spending time with Maa and papa was even better. It is the first time in several months that we have had a normal conversation. No one cried, no one was violent, there was no maddening silence at the table. I felt like old times when the three of us went out for Sunday brunches.

Looking back I wonder if all this would have been possible without the support of my family. What would I have done if I hadn’t recovered from Schizophrenia. I don’t even want to imagine. My parents have been my pillars, they have sacrificed a lot to ensure I recovered from the shackles of this mental disorder. My symptoms haven’t surfaced in the past year. Life hasn’t been better.

When I fell sick this time, I didn’t want to disturb my parents. I knew this is something that I should tackle on my own. I surfed through the net to find a specialist to help me with diabetes. All my attempts were in vain, Rahul my best friend then introduced me to DocsApp. All I had to do was download the app on my phone and I would be able to consult a doctor in less than 30 minutes.

Dr. Sanjay took my case on the app, he is the most compassionate man that I’ve ever spoken to. I told him about my problems via chat, he ensured I’m comfortable discussing all the details with him.He also helped me deal with all the troublesome side effects and found the prescription that worked the best for me.

I’m glad I got lucky and found help. I’m hale and hearty now, I can take care of my parents and ensure that they will never have to sacrifice anything for my sake.

For now I sleep like a baby and I wake up ready to face the challenges the world throws at me. I love my life and I wouldn’t want it to be any different. I have faced it all and I know I can survive through anything, because help comes in any form.  While a terrible mental disorder haunted me I had my parents and when I had to talk to a specialist I had DocsApp. All is well that ends well!

Good night!



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