No More Oily Skin and Acne! Find Out How?


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Flawless skin and striking features is every woman’s dream.

Oily skin makes life very tough as the sebaceous glands tend to be overactive and produce excessive sebum(oil). This makes the skin look oily and shiny. It is one of the main causes for acne, clogged pores, black heads, white heads and dermatitis.

The pollution in our country only adds to the already impending doom. Dust and pollution clogs the pores making it more difficult for skin to breathe which causes infection of the pores and pus formation.

Not all of us are lucky to be born with smooth babylike silky soft skin. But, we can always attain healthy skin by following the skincare tips given below.

Tips to take care of oily skin:

Protect your skin from UV rays: It is imperative to understand the harmful effects of UV rays on our skin. It not only causes cancer but also causes irritation, burn and excessive production of sebum. Always apply skin protective sunscreen while you head out.

Daily Face care routine: Maintain a face care routine of cleansing (water soluble based cleanser), toning, moisturising (water soluble based ). It helps to maintain the pH of the skin and does not cause unnecessary breakouts.

Use water soluble products: Always be sure to use water soluble products. While using makeup, try to use more of concealer as it contains less oil as opposed to foundations which have a lot of oil mixture.

Smoking Cessation: Smoking not only causes lung cancer, it also causes aging of skin and the smoke tends to clog your pores making it hyperactive thus increasing the scope for untamed skin breakouts.

Healthy Diet: Eating healthy food which mostly contains fibers, micro and macro nutrients aid in cell rejuvenation and skin healing. Studies have shown significant increase in sebum activity in people who consume junk food and carbonated drinks.

Curb your caffeine: Drinking one cup of Coffee a day improves metabolism, but drinking multiple cups slows metabolism, increases oil secretion on your skin. Stay away from drinking that second cup of coffee.

Over washing of your face: Since you have excessive oil secretion, tendency to wash face 3-5 times a day wouldn’t be surprising. This practice is very detrimental to your skin as you are ripping the skin off of it’s natural oil. It only worsens the excessive oil secretion. Washing your face 2 times a day is ideal.

De-stress: Over stressing causes release of cortisol hormone which in turn causes increase in acid levels in the stomach and increases sebum secretion making it difficult for already oily skin. Try to maintain a calm environment. A calm self equals healthy skin.

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