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I was one of the 5 crore people in India who caved in to depression. The reason? The one that everyone knows but no one ever voices it because of that one question. “What will people say?” Yes! I was molested and like the others, I kept quiet about it. Depression, anxiety and loneliness got me to the point where I unable to function in my daily life. My mind was controlled by negativity and fear. After struggling with the after effects of rape for almost 7 months, I finally consulted a psychologist on DocsApp after my mother convinced that it will require no face to face interaction with the doctor and everything will be private.
I knew for a fact that there are indeed many others like me, but because they are like me, even they wouldn’t have opened up about it but I was wrong. The #MeToo campaign proved me wrong. The fact that others who went through the same nightmare opened up about their stories gave me the strength to talk about mine. So here’s my story for you:

The most riveting part of my story is that it was my doctor who molested me. While I was pursuing my undergraduate studies in Germany, my health was in a horrible place and that coupled with homesickness had taken a very heavy toll on me. The situation worsened to the point where I had to be hospitalized and there were days when I was heavily sedated. One of those nights, my doctor molested me and despite of knowing everything that was happening at the moment, I was too sedated to do anything about it. Once the effects of the sedation subsided, all I was left with was dark memories of that night and silence. I was too broken to even mention the incident for months. It took me over 2 months to tell my mother about the incident and she called me back to India right away where me and my mom struggled with the condition for 7 months and you know the rest.

Things are a little better now. My identity is what I would like to keep to myself but I’m giving my story to you to make the world a better place for women to live in. Lust knows no bounds; one night took it all away from me but millions of people gave me the strength to buckle up my courage and say #MeToo.

Rewritten by Shruthi Madonna George.

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