Choose Health This New Year! We’ll Sweeten the Deal For You!

Healthcare services on MediBuddy

Look around you and there’s no dearth for the number of hospitals, medical centres and clinics you’ll find for every imaginable medical need. But when you think about walking into one for a consultation, the very choice around you can leave you baffled.  Who would be the most reliable choice? What about hygiene conditions for lab tests? Does the physician have sufficient experience? Is the hospital close enough for follow-ups? These are among the first few questions that will pop into mind. But what if you could walk into your appointment with all the information you need?The MediBuddy platform brings together health and wellness services well-aligned with your medical needs. Whether it is outpatient appointments or inpatient procedures that need careful planning, MediBuddy eases the process of making the right choice.

New Year Wellness Goals With MediBuddy

The New Year is always a great time to plan for the year ahead. But do you find it difficult to keep health resolutions? Not when you have the MediBuddy e-Calendar to motivate you every day, all year long! The calendar helps you understand your body’s needs and has new wellness goals set out for you every month. Want to know more? You can download the MediBuddy e-Calendar right here.Once you identify your health objectives, the next place to look should be the MediBuddy website. From easy access to your health benefits to a range of health services for your everyday wellness, you’ll find all you need in the website. Find below a quick guide to healthcare services available on MediBuddy.

What are the services available on MediBuddy?

As you embark on a New Year, no matter what your health goals, we’ve got you covered:Health Check: Select health check packages, compare and choose between packages to find one that exactly meets your needs.Medicines: Your family’s medicine needs can be diverse. If you find yourself rushing over to the pharmacy frequently for everyone’s needs, how about a simpler way of bringing home your medicines? You can now order medicines through MediBuddy - with great discounts!Consultations: Find a specialist close to you from a curated network and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Sounds too good to be true? Try it on MediBuddy!Home Health Care: Need physiotherapy sessions but just can’t find the time to make it for hospital appointments? Bring the therapist home. Get medical care at home when you or a loved one needs it!Dental: A wide catalogue of dental experts who specialize in various areas of oral healthcare - find the right dental specialist for your needs, nearest to you, with MediBuddy!Hospitalization: MediBuddy gives you unprecedented visibility into the indicative cost of care across network hospitals in India to help you plan for inpatient procedures. Tele Consultation:  Been meaning to talk to a nutritionist to plan your diet? Or have a nagging question about symptoms you are experiencing? Talk to a physician who can guide you. Yes, talk over phone!Second Opinion: Diagnosis left you feeling queasy? Stop second-guessing and worrying yourself endlessly, get a second opinion to gain a clearer perspective. Genome Study: Choose from an exhaustive list of packages to understand your health better, right from the DNA level! [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book your preferred service on MediBuddy' link='' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']Healthcare and wellness needs are based on individual needs and
preferences. Avail discounts on a range of health checks, dental
procedures and medicines when you book through MediBuddy.[/av_promobox]

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