Making Hearts Smile


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Medi Assist now has a Theme Song!

Titled “Making Hearts Smile”, this tune exudes the Medi Assist philosophy of making healthcare affordable, accessible, and actionable for everyone of our 140 million members.

What makes this theme song so much more special is that it is composed in-house; the tune is conceptualized and directed by some of your colleagues; every instrument you hear is played by a Medi Assist employee, and every voice you hear in the chorus is a Medi Assist voice.

Let’s celebrate the joy of working together, surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues, to make every heart smile – ‘coz the heart smiles only when it experiences absolute peace and unadulterated happiness.

Do listen and we hope you love it just as much as we do!

[audio mp3="http://connect/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/With-Bass-1.mp3"][/audio]

This tune is now the official call wait tune at our call centre! Want to make it your caller tune? Write to and if we have enough requests, we will try to speak with the service providers and see if this can be done.