9 tips to help you lose weight fast


Story time! My gym trainer once told me, “Eat whatever you want but make sure you lose it in the gym. After that I, the happiest person on Earth was on my way to McDonald’s for a McChicken burger. The next day I killed my workout and the cycle continued. Turns out after a month, I had gained 2 kilos. Say whaaaaa? Damn you, trainer! The truth is that while gymming is a very integral part of losing weight, there are many other things that need to be taken care of. Don’t worry, though! I will take care of letting you know about all the other things. Let’s start!  

1. Cut down on starch and sugar:

Insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body. Frozen yogurt, tomato sauce, fruit juice, white rice potatoes, peas are rich in sugar and starch and heavily stimulate the secretion of insulin in your body. Low intakes of sugar and starch will reduce your insulin levels, kill your appetite and you’ll be losing weight in no time and that’s a ‘sweeet’ feeling.

2. Avoid Alcohol:

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Don’t. Alcohol supplies what nutritionists call empty calories- calories without nutrition. Alcohol, whenever taken in, is the first fuel to burn. While that’s going on, your body will not burn fat.  So, think of it as  ‘Every drink equals an extra mile on the treadmill. So you can either let loose or lose weight. Your call!   

3. Lift weights:

Loss has 4 letters and so does Lift. Coincidence? I don’t think so! The ultimate hack to losing weight is to ‘Lift heavy’. Lifting helps in building the lean muscle in the body which in turn kills your body fat. And there’s a little cherry on this cake: Even after you leave the gym, your body keeps burning calories to recover from the heavy weight lifting. What are you weight-ing for?  

4. Don’t skip your breakfast:

****Every time you skip breakfast, the fats in your body prepare themselves for a grand feast because they know that you will have to make up for it later in the day and when you do, you will be having tons and tons of additional calories. Now I understand that breakfast doesn’t quite fit in our busy schedules and hence, skipping it seems like a perfectly valid option but keep in mind that everytime you miss your breakfast, you’re missing out on your fitness goals.

5. Get more sleep:

Less sleep means less energy and when you’re low on energy, a bag of Doritos, ice cream or doughnut seems like a no brainer. Hitting the gym is very conveniently replaced with ‘I just want to hit the sack and doze off’. Bottomline: You get to keep your ‘not so favorite waistline.’ So wake up like an adult, work like a machine and sleep like a baby!

6. Green Tea:

If you thought green tea is just hot, flavored water, think again! With a perfect blend of caffeine, catechins and epigallocatechin gallate, green tea is a heavyweight when it comes to boosting metabolism. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who took green-tea extract three times a day saw their metabolic rate increase by about 4 percent. Go green!

7. Eat only when hungry:

How many times have you peeked inside your fridge only because you were bored? If you’re anything like the average human being, ‘Quite a few times’ is the right answer. Needless snacking will just leave you with unwanted fat. So instead of letting time and boredom be a ‘go’ for eating, eat only when you’re hungry.

8. Keep moving:

No extra efforts go in for this one but it can move mountains for your body. In simple words: Stay active! Talking to a friend over the phone? Move. Reading a magazine? Move! Need to move a showpiece from the bedroom to the living room? You heard me, Move!

9. Stay motivated:

This one’s my favorite and I’m sure it will be yours too! ‘Click Selfies’. Yes! That’s exactly what I said. Nothing serves the purpose of motivation better than a picture from the past. Click a full body selfie every month to remind yourself how far you have come and how far you need to go!

You know what to do! It’s you V/S fat and I’m rooting for you.



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