Knee Pain: Causes | Symptoms | Prevention


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It’s not only the experience that increases with age but the number of health problems as well & one such problem is knee pain. It can be a problem with people of any age, however, it’s more likely to occur in old age. There can be several reasons for the same such as an injury, ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Some medical conditions known as arthritis, gout and infections with a few others can also cause knee pain. Minor knee pain can be treated at home with remedies like massage & regular exercise but proper therapy is needed if it gets out of control.

In order to tackle knee pain within time, it is necessary to understand its cause, symptoms, and methods of prevention.


  • Mechanical problems such as loose body, iliotibial band syndrome, dislocated kneecap
  • Arthritis
  • Injuries
  • Being overweight
  • Lack of muscle flexibility
  • Vigorous sports


Based on the cause of the knee problem, the location and severity of knee pain may vary. Common signs and symptoms accompanied by knee pain include:

  • Marked knee swelling and stiffness
  • Fever along with redness around the swollen area
  • Weakness or instability
  • Deformity in your leg or knee with popping or crunching noises
  • Not being able to fully straighten the knee


It’s not always possible to avoid things before they happen even if you take preventive measures but it can always be cured with the right treatment and habits.

  • Maintaining a healthy BMI
  • Regular Exercise Eat healthy to strengthen your muscles and bones
  • Choose your exercises smartly

In case you’re suffering from severe knee pain, It’s always suggested to take preventive measures. Remember: for any info about knee pain & its causes & treatments, and exercise routine you can always talk to a doctor online on DocsApp.