Irregular Periods, Pregnancy OR Infertility? | Ft. Aisha Ahmed | #BaatTohKaro


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Aisha Ahmed wonderfully depicts the scare a woman goes through with regards to her periods. When a woman misses her periods, she goes through physical & psychological turmoil.

Missed periods don’t only indicate pregnancy. There are many other underlying issues behind a delayed or missed period. Individuals often tend to jump to scary conclusions simply because we don’t discuss our issues. This is due to the taboo nature for these topics in our society.

Pregnancy is a sensitive topic, be it planning or avoiding the same. In either of the case, the couple goes through a scare which is common. It explodes 1000 of emotions, questions. There is always a confusion of whom to talk, whom to confide in. Individuals feel an uneasiness due to lack of finding someone who understands their emotions.

In such situations, timely advice from a doctor can help avoid complications, yet individuals don’t find a platform where they can talk and address these issues. Through online    With #BaatTohKaro we aim to shatter the barriers of communication. We aim to build a community where one can talk about their physical and mental well-being, without concern of being judged in a safe, trustworthy environment. If we don’t do it, nobody else will. Let’s talk #BaatTohkaro.