International Men's Day Special | Men Leading By Example #TrimTheThickSkin


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"International Men’s Day is an opportunity for people everywhere of goodwill to appreciate and celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all".

All our lives, we have been conditioned to live our lives, while being tied to the chains of societal expectations. Whether we like it or not, we are all constantly bombarded with gender stereotypes. From the day we are born, we all receive subtle and not so subtle cues on how to be a man. From ‘boys don’t wear pink’ to ‘real men don’t back down from a fight’, gender stereotypes are embedded into our culture and reinforced by role models and media.

A few things which most young men must have heard a lot many times

“Boys don’t cry-  Mom”
“A guy who doesn’t fight back is weak - Dad
Boys should always act strong even if they feel scared and nervous -  Classmate”
“Men don't talk with others about your issues and concerns is weak; Men should figure out their personal problems without asking for help - Office Colleague”
“Men don’t do household chores; Men should be the financial providers for their family- Society"

Stereotypes aren't always wrong in the sense that sometimes people do behave the way society or their culture expects them to behave. However, there is no reason why you should have to conform to the expectations of others based on your biological sex alone. Men, just like women, are constricted by stereotypes and are penalised, criticised if they act outside their traditional gender roles.

As impossible and damaging as societal standards for women are, the standards for men are just as poisonous. From the time they are born, most men from traditional households, are discouraged from showing emotion. Without a culturally-approved outlet for their feelings, this stifling of emotion has led generations of men to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

This International men’s day, DocsApp encourages you to break free from the chains and be better.  #TrimTheThick skin & write your own script. A script that includes being emotionally connected; being equal caregivers; supporting full equality for individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities and being able to ask for help when they need it. The script that lets you be you, A better you.DocsApp’s online consultation platform was built to bridge the gap between silence and support. if you feel the need to talk to someone, you can talk to a specialist doctor anytime about your physical and mental well-being, without concern for privacy, and trust.

A day we often overlook, the International Men’s Day graces our calendar each year. To give voice to this rather unsung event, and throw light on the societal pressures faced by men, DocsApp has unveiled its initiative #TrimTheThickSkin.

In our attempt to shatter the barriers of communication, we urge women to change their Facebook profile picture to the "man of their life" with a DocsApp frame & share a touching story or incident where they stood by their partner in tough times and add the #TrimTheThickSkin and #DocsApp hashtags. 10 lucky winners will receive a shaving kit from Bombay Shaving Company.  

This is issued by DocsApp & Bombay Shaving Company in the interest of men's health & wellness.