Every Hardworking Mom Can Relate To This


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 My son’s Rhapsody

Mama, just woke up now,

Put the tiffin box in my bag,

The school bus has arrived.

Mama, can’t find my specs,

I’ve searched for it everywhere.

Mama, dad can’t find his tie.

He can’t find his keys

He’s getting late for his huddle

The commute is a struggle

Maa please find his tie

Mama Mia, Mama mia.

Can you make semiya?

Mama, I’m off to school now

Will trouble you in the evening again

Good bye maaaaaaaa

Hey there,

I am Sunitha. Usually every Tam bram’s day starts with Suprabatham, but my day starts with my son’s rhapsody, every single day. I am a home-maker and a rather busy one. My son and my husband take up 80% of my time and 99% of my energy, I rarely have time for myself.

I need to visit the diagnostic centre every month to keep a tab on my Thyroid function. But, sadly I don’t find enough time and whenever I schedule a test I will have to prepare a day in advance and ensure that my son and husband would not need anything the next morning. I usually look for a holiday so that I can go to the diagnostic center without hurrying or worrying about anything.

Thanks to a Facebook ad, I came across DocsApp. The app  promised to connect patients to specialist doctors via chat or call in less than 30 minutes. I downloaded the app, I realized that I could also book lab tests from within the app itself. I made an appointment for running a TFT for the following day, Sangita from DocsApp called and informed me that their executive will collect the blood sample from my house at 7:00am. I wasn’t completely sure if it would work so I chose to pay offline and not prepay for my lab test.

The next morning an executive promptly showed up at my doorstep at 7:00am, boy was I impressed with the punctuality! After collecting samples he informed me that I will get the reports on the app in the evening. I got my reports that evening and I consulted a doctor on the app. The doctor changed the dosage of my medicine and I placed an order for the medicines, which would be delivered to me the following day. What would have taken me one full day, took me less than 30 minutes, I did not have to compromise on anything, I didn’t even have to step out of my house to run the lab tests.

I felt like a queen that day, for once I was being taken care of, it felt surreal.  Thanks DocsApp for treating me like the Queen that I deserve to be!