How To Know If It's A Fungal Infection?


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As kids, we were taught in school that fungus is a bad thing. Once it starts growing somewhere, it tends to infect the entire area. The same holds true when it comes to our body. Any disease in the body that is caused by a fungus is known as a fungal condition.To explain in detail, A fungus that invades the tissue can cause a disease that is confined to the skin, spreads into tissue, bones, and organs or affects the whole body. A fungal infection is also called mycosis.

It is common in India with over a million cases every year. If treated properly by a medical professional, the infection tends to subside in a couple of months.

A person with diabetes, cancer or a weak immune system are prone to fungal infections. Fungal infections include athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections.

How do you know if it’s a fungal infection?
The symptoms of fungal infection depend on the affected area. It is different for different areas, however, there are some symptoms that are evidently visible on the skin. They are as follows:

Darkening of the skin: In a fungal infection, the infected area starts to turn darker in color with every passing day.

Loss of color: In some cases, the skin starts to lose its color and becomes pale.

Peeling: Sometimes, the skin on and around the infected area becomes dry and flaky and starts to peel off.

Rashes: Rashes are a very common sign of a fungal infection. In fact, it is one of the initially visible signs of a skin fungal infection.

Small bumps: in some cases, there are small bumps that are formed on the surface of the skin.

Itching: The infected area will constantly cause an itching sensation but the more you scratch, the worse it will get.

Pus: In many cases, the skin is affected with pus-filled blisters which get worse with time. In such a condition, it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately.


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