How To Deal With A Diabetic Wife.


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A wife is a symbol of love, support, strength, compassion, unity, and many more things. A diabetic wife is all these things, but stronger; strong enough to put a smile on her face and keep going on with life despite diabetes trying to pull her down at each and every step.

As strong as she is inside-out, diabetes comes with certain complications and she is entitled to have her bad days; she might feel low, out of control, frustrated, and all those bad things and in this time of crisis, one thing she needs the most is support: support from her family, friends and most importantly, her husband.

That being said, little things can go a long way in helping your wife deal with diabetes. Here are some things you can do to ensure that diabetes does not take a toll on your partner and your relationship.

Offer help but don’t impose: Count this as the fundamental rule of dealing with diabetes. Talk to your wife about her problems and mutually come to an agreement about the ways using which you can help her. Let her know that you’re just one call away when she needs you but don’t make her feel like you’re always watching over her. Remember, the more you restrict someone from doing something, the more they will want to do it. Let her have her little moments of escape.

Help her in being physically active: Exercising regularly helps keep diabetes in check. However, one of the primary reasons for not being able to exercise is the scarcity of time. Your partner will definitely have a lot of things on her plate on a daily basis and that’s why, instead of asking her to exercise, help her clear things off her to do list so she can have time to go for a jog or hit the gym.

Share her diet with her: There are some things that a diabetic patient cannot eat like high carbohydrate foods, flavored beverages, sweets, etc and these dietary restrictions can sometimes get the best of a person. It is ideal that you refrain yourself and your children from consuming these specific food items in front of your wife. Plan your meals with her, get her comfort foods that she’s permitted to have and once in awhile, let her have her cheat days.

Educate yourself: Knowing about diabetes makes handling it a lot easier. Look up for diabetes on medical websites, attend seminars and workshops, talk to your wife’s diabetologist, etc. Learn as much as you can about diabetes because knowing what to do in uncertain situations will help you and your wife stay calm and put.

Tackle negativity with positivity: Diabetes can weigh a person down and sometimes, one can just snap. Anger, despair, depression can take over, leading to an emotional outburst. In such times, your job is to minimize conflict by accepting these emotions and understanding these negative emotions are circumstantial and momentary. Love is the only way to fight negativity.

Talk it out: Communicate your concerns towards her and establish a common ground for the two of you to stand on. Work on your communication, spend quality time together, ask her if your ways are helping her and what else can you do to ensure maximum support. A healthy conversation once in awhile about her problems and how to tackle them together can be a blessing to your relationship.

Eventually, it all boils down to one thing: commitment. Commitment to your partner and commitment to nurturing the relationship. Diabetes is just one of the many roadblocks that come in a relationship and it’s up to you and your husband to either treat it as a dead end or a milestone. Don’t give up, stick together, be grateful for each other and appreciate the gift of mutual love because no matter how strong diabetes is, love always wins and nothing can keep you from coming out to the other side as a happier and stronger couple.

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