How to Celebrate a Healthy Christmas With #YourHealthSanta


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It’s Christmas time! Means it's time for extra fun, frolic and many, many gifts. When it comes to holidays, Christmas jingles all our hearts. With Christmas dinner ideas and cookies galore, we have everything we need to make it merrier and much more memorable. Along with the festivities of Christmas, we all have the spirit of Santa in us. We plan and pick the ways to show our love to others that will leave a memorable smile. Wouldn’t it be great if we get to be a different kind of Santa this Christmas? So instead of buying expensive gifts and chocolates, let’s give something that is more important than any gift, i.e. health. Let’s be a ‘Health Santa’ this Christmas. A Santa who spreads the gift good health, & gives every solution to any health problem one might have.There’s no arguing the fact that prevention is better than cure. So here are a few tips by Health Santa to make your Christmas merrier and healthier.

Don’t skip meals to lose weight

It is on everybody’s mind that skipping a meal or two helps lose weight. Well, that’s not true at all. Skipping meals is never a good idea. To lose weight and maintain it, it is necessary to reduce the number of calories consumed and exercise accordingly.

Start taking more Vitamin D for higher insulin levels

To increase metabolism, it is necessary to have adequate insulin levels in the body. The right amount of insulin levels help with metabolism. The best source to increase it is to take in as much Vitamin D as possible.

Have dry fruits for a healthy winter skin

It’s winter and undoubtedly we all suffer from dry, pale skin with lots of dead cells creeping up on the surface. Dry fruits such as almonds & walnuts are one of the healthiest ways to give your skin all the essential nutrients it needs to remain healthy despite the biting cold.

Add dairy to your daily diet

In winters, it is natural for our immune system to take a hit. This makes us extra prone to bacteria and viruses. Adding dairy products can do wonders for your immunity, especially in the winters.

Don’t ignore your sleep

Workout can be tiring and to reap all its benefits, adequate rest & good sleep are a must. Having a minimum sleep of 6-8 hours allows your body to repair and grow muscle tissue.

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