How Effective Are Detox Beverages?


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While detox is a trend right now, we do not know for sure its effectiveness. Some people may notice weight loss after consuming detox beverages, others may not. This is largely due to some people having significantly low calorie foods. It allows you to have more fruits, vegetables, fiber, vitamins and minerals every day.

However, detoxing will not reset your entire system or flush out toxins magically. If you are only relying on detox diets and beverages, you are likely unhealthy and do not have enough calories and nutrients.

Here are some tips to ensure that your sips are in the healthy range:

  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables rather than pre-packaged powder or supplement.
  • Make your detox drink flavorful so that it’s enjoyable and you don’t find it forceful to have a healthy life.
  • Do not skip a meal for a drink. Your meals will provide you the most amounts of nutrients and help you stay full for longer hours.
  • You must continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise. It is best to cut down on soda and sugary drinks.

The detox drinks you can try making at home:

1. Watermelon mint

If you aim to lose weight effectively and lower your blood pressure, eating fresh watermelon juice might help. Add in some mint as a digestive aid, and your drink is ready. This is also a hydrating drink ideal to combat the summer heat.

2. Beet juice

Beet is packed with dietary nitrates which helps lower blood pressure, enhances your overall performance, and promotes healthy blood flow. You may mix ginger, lemon, and coconut water in this drink to boost electrolytes.

3. Green tea

Gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts, green tea is known for its several health benefits. A drink made with green tea, mint, and lime ensures calorie savings which leads to achieving weight loss goals.  It also helps to break down fats and boost your immune system.

4. Cucumber lemonade

This drink has both cooling and cleansing properties. The vitamin C in lemon keeps your immune system strong and cucumber soothes inflammation. This is a refreshing and hydrating drink to which you may add honey for sweetness.

5. Coconut water

Electrolytes are essential for good hydration, and coconut water offers plenty of it to ensure that the digestive system is working fine. Coconut water is versatile, easily available and light on the stomach.

6. Clear and glowing skin detox water

If you have water, mint, a cucumber, and a lemon, you’re all set to give your skin the much needed hydration. This drink helps fight acne and gives you clear skin over time. Similarly, just a couple spoonfuls of honey and a slice of lemon in a cup of hot water is enough to make your skin glow. This natural detox water will also promote good digestion.

7. Lemon ginger drink

Ginger has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative properties, and can keep several infections and diseases at bay. With vitamin C-packed lemon, this drink makes your immune system work better. Adding turmeric may also be beneficial as it contains antioxidants and even promotes antimicrobial activity.

8. Apple cider vinegar drinks

This miracle ingredient can fight bacteria, promote weight loss, keep blood sugar levels in control and aid in digestion. Apple cider vinegar has a strong taste but you can make your detox drink taste good by adding cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract and more.

You can have a detox diet, include homemade detox drinks and even make tasty detox smoothies with green apple, banana, spinach, chia seeds, plant-based milk and others. There is little scientific evidence that supports claims that detox drinks remove toxins from the body. However, we know it is a great way to intake plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. When you consume these along with a well balanced meal, it takes care of your overall health.