How Creating A Meditation Space In Your Home Is Beneficial


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In our daily lives we face endless challenges and overcoming stress is the key to healthy living. It makes perfect sense to dedicate a particular corner or space in your home, for meditation. If you sit down in the same place at or around the same time, your body will automatically learn what it is meant to do and allow you to relax.

You don’t necessarily need a separate meditation room, a quiet corner works perfectly fine. You could even create one in your backyard or garden to spend some alone time in peace.

Let us look at the benefits of creating a meditation space in your home:

  • A meditation space will help you avoid distraction while meditating. Meditation promotes less stress, better sleep and concentration.
  • Meditating requires effort and discipline, only having a particular space for meditating will ensure that you maintain a regular routine of sitting in your space and releasing your thoughts.
  • Meditating in a particular space everyday trains your mind and allows you to experience the present.
  • Regular meditation will reduce negative thoughts and emotions and you can self-discover yourself in a space that is solely yours.
  • Meditation can increase your imagination and creativity. Having a space for this purpose alone can open up new opportunities. In other common spaces your line of thought may disappear or be broken and influenced by something else.
  • A specific space for meditation will increase your patience and tolerance. You will not have to attend to anything else when everyone at home finds you meditating in your space.

How to create an ideal space at home for meditating?
Here are a few things you must consider when creating a space for meditating at home:

Choose a space that makes you feel good

Ambience is the most important aspect while meditating. You should make sure the space is quiet and not in the middle of constant noise and people. Make the space feel relaxed, spacious and have minimal décor. A feel-good space will have a positive effect on your mind and body.

Keep the space uncluttered

The main purpose of meditation is to de-clutter your mind. This is exactly why a clean space is essential for meditation. The idea is to have zero distractions and you must not have newspapers, computers, phones, work desks, etc in this particular space or room.

Make the space feel comfortable

A cozy and comfortable space will help you meditate better. You may include lots of cushions, a couch, to help you feel relaxed. The space should not add up to your stress, instead take stress away from you.

Consider the lighting

Natural light is ideal for meditation. You may create a meditation space outdoors, such as in the garden or close to the balcony, where you get nice fresh air and sunlight.

Bring nature into your space

Nature is soothing and healing, you may bring it indoors by adding plants in your space. There are certain useful and potent plants that can act as an air purifier and oxygen generator. This will have a positive effect on your body.

Add music

Meditative music will help block out the unwanted urban noises like vehicles, TV, traffic, etc. You may play soothing ocean sounds, birds chirping or rain sounds to stay calm and focused.

Add a beautiful aroma

Whether it’s aromatic candles, incense sticks or essential oils, using a fragrance can help uplift your mood and senses to a great extent. Lavender, chamomile, and others can really soothe the soul, the mind, and the body.

Give it your personal touch

A personal touch means things you connect with, such as crystals, they hold magical powers and is critical for peace of mind. You can also keep beads and chimes in your meditation space.

These are a few ways you can separate your meditating space from the rest of the house.  It should feel special and inviting as it is a safe and sacred retreat.

Maintain a perfect posture, ditch your phone and keep it consistent to truly benefit from meditation. Creating a space in your own home will make it easy for you to find some time out every day to meditate. Start with a clear mind, erase all the worldly issues, calm down and open your body to the healing powers of meditation. This will transform you like no other and your mind, body and soul will be in sync.