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Say Goodbye To Sore Throat With These Simple Remedies

Sore throat is a menace that we’ve all had to endure. It can happen at any time of the year when you are least expecting it. Sore throat is usually triggered when you catch a common cold or the flu. Or it could be the symptom of a throat infection called pharyngitis.A sore throat is particularly bothersome at night. The burning or stinging sensation can keep you up for hours. It makes swallowing a challenge. Sore throat goes away on its own in a few days. But you don’t have to endure the agony, with a few simple home remedies you can alleviate the pain.

  • Gargle with warm water and salt

This age-old tip always works. The warm water soothes the throat and the salt removes the excess mucous and brings down the inflammation. Add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Gargle for 20 seconds before you spit out each mouthful of water. Do it at least 20 times a day.

  • Honey

Honey is a powerful antimicrobial agent. It can kill viruses that have caused pharyngitis. It can be consumed on its own or you can add a dash of honey to your tea. Honey can also speed-heal. Pharyngitis injures the throat, a further cause of the extreme discomfort. When you drink honey, the wounds heal fast.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint, because of its menthol content, is a terrific decongestant. Its cooling effect can soothe your aching throat. Peppermint can effectively kill viruses and bacteria as well. Peppermint tea can make your throat swelling subside. Just crush a few leaves of peppermint and add them to your tea.

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is universally present in our kitchens and it also happens to be one of the best home remedies for sore throat. You can simply chew on some fenugreek seeds. Or you can boil a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water, strain it and drink while the brew is warm. Fenugreek has anti-viral properties and it also acts as a natural analgesic and will instantly relieve pain.

  • Licorice root

Licorice roots are easily available in the market. The roots contain flavones that are powerful antiviral agents. Add a small stick to a glass of water and boil. Strain the tea and drink it up.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This miracle drink has innumerable health benefits. There’s nothing that it can’t do! It is effective against infections because of its antiviral properties. Since ACV is acidic, it can clear away the extra mucus and restore the balance of bacteria and fungi. Add 2 tablespoons of ACV to warm water and gargle with it. Repeat the procedure every 2 to 3 hours.

  • Remain hydrated

It is vital to stay hydrated to help your body fight off any infection. So drink plenty of fluids. Avoid too much coffee or alcohol as these drinks can dehydrate you. If you want to know whether your sore throat is caused by a virus or a bacteria (which is more dangerous), you can talk to a doctor through MediBuddy’s E-consultancy services.


Sore throat is usually nothing to worry about. Try these home cures. If the pain persists for more than 7 days, consult a doctor. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Consult Now ' link='https://www.medibuddy.in/?utm_source=blog_cta&utm_medium=blog' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']For more information, you can always talk to a doctor online on MediBuddy.[/av_promobox]