Hernia Surgery, with care - aiding a mother’s month - long struggle


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A 48-year-old woman who was experiencing excruciating stomach pain which had escalated to the point where it became a challenge in her daily life. She suffered from periodic episodes of fever and vomiting and was becoming incapable of performing even the simplest household chores.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, her concerned son took it upon himself to contact MediBuddy, to seek assistance for his mother.

Having witnessed her struggle with this health condition for nearly a month, he felt extremely confused and overwhelmed. Being unfamiliar with hospital procedures, and not knowing much aobout her condition hernia operation in female, he was uncertain about the appropriate course of action to take for his mother's health. Upon consultation facilitated by MediBuddy, it was diagnosed as abdominal hernia and needed a surgical intervention.

Finding the right hernia surgeon

Swapna from the Clinical Operations Team at MediBuddy personally connected with the patient over the phone to understand her issue. She then provided information about hernia in women, emphasized the need to take all prescribed medications on time, and talked to her about the procedure for hernia surgery and the cost for hernia surgery. Meanwhile, finding a doctor for hernia was vital and urgent. Swapna accessed MediBuddy’s vast network to connect with a hernia specialist, and worked on finding the right surgeon at a hospital that best suited the family’s needs and their financial coverage.

Hernia treatment done right, with end-to-end assistance

Swapna scheduled a cab for the patient on the day of the surgery, ensuring a smooth admission to the hospital. The hernia operation went smoothly, leading to a successful outcome. After the surgery, she was moved to the ICU for monitoring and clinical reasons.

Considering the hernia operation cost, Swapna also served as a link between the insurance team and the hospital, ensuring a smooth claim transaction transition and insurance coverage. She guided the patient's family in collecting the discharge summary from the hernia doctor, and explained it in detail, leaving no room for confusion. She further ensured that all necessary arrangements, including transportation, were in place for the patient's safe journey back home.

Constant support for recovery

Swapna's support didn't stop with the successful stomach hernia surgery. She remained in constant touch with the patient's son, providing guidance on medication, post-operative precautions, and wound dressing. A dedicated dietician was arranged to prepare a detailed diet chart for the patient.

Swapna's support continued till 15 days after the surgery. She addressed all questions and concerns of the patient and her family and was constantly in touch with her for absolutely any assistance that was required.

All's well that ends well

The patient was extremely happy with Swapna's coordination and expressed immense gratitude to the MediBuddy team for their constant support and end-to-end ownership.

Words of the patient: “I appreciate the work started by MediBuddy for people all across India, and it is excellent that high-quality healthcare is being made accessible to all.”

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