Here's Why You Need To Drink Water Right Now


Dear Water,
I love you. I cannot live without you. You are my life. Literally.

Before you read any further, pick up a bottle of water and keep it by your side because you will surely be needing it later. We can go years without sex, 21 days without food, 11 days without sleep but without water, you will be dead after 3 days. That being said, let’s not think of water as something we rely on merely for survival. Water has plenty of other benefits and I hope that you have your bottle of water ready because I’m going to list down the benefits and you will be compelled to take a sip after each point.

Let’s get flowing:

Relieves fatigue: Usually, we turn to sleep, shower or coffee to get back on our toes again, but a bottle of water is the only thing standing between an active body and a tired one. One of the primary reasons for fatigue is dehydration and nothing kicks away dehydration like water.

Improves mood: Studies show that drinking lots of water can boost your mood and alter your emotions for the better. It has a significant impact on alleviating depression and helping with sleep disorders. And if you’re not convinced, try having a day out in the sun without water and your mood will speak for itself.

Helps in digestion: Water in the form of a shower cleans you externally and drinking water cleans you internally. Drinking water helps to smoothen the process of digestion which involves breaking down the food you eat into smaller and smaller particles so the nutrients can eventually be absorbed. Water helps to flush the waste from the intestines which relieve constipation.

Aids weight loss: Weight loss statistics show that 30–59% of US adults who try to lose weight increase their water intake. Drinking water is directly related to the amount of calories that you burn known as resting energy expenditure and research suggests that the resting energy expenditure is at its peak 10 minutes after drinking water.

Helps cure a hangover: There are two types of liquids. One which gives you a hangover and one which relieves you from a hangover. If you’re looking for the latter, grab a bottle of water. Water restores the important fluids in the body which alcohol drains out.

Cure for headaches and migraine: For headaches and migraine, the cure lies in a bottle, not a bottle of painkillers but a bottle of water. All headaches branch out from either chemical, emotional or structural problems but one of the main causes is due to dehydration and as I mentioned earlier, water is the ultimate savior here.

Regulates body temperature: Water helps regulate the internal body temperature depending on the environment. Water enables the body to release heat when the surrounding temperature is higher than the body temperature causing us to sweat, and the evaporation of water from the skin surface cools the body very efficiently.

Benefits the skin: Like any other part of our body, the skin is made up of cells and cells are made up of water. So it’s simple, lack of water will turn your skin dry, tight and wrinkly and sufficient water intake will make your skin googly, woogly, wooosh! .

Protects our joints and cartilage: Water keeps the cartilage around our joints hydrated ensuring that our joints stay lubricated. The cartilage—the rubbery material that coats our bone is about 85 percent water and hence, adequate water levels in our body help maintain their healthy condition.

If you’re not yet convinced the water bottle beside you is still not empty, hold on! Let experts convince you with more points about how water can benefit your body internally and externally.

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