Here Are Some Simple Tips To Prevent Rashes


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We have all experienced a rash at some point or the other in our lives. Any sort of inflammation of the skin is known as a rash. Different types of rashes have different symptoms like redness, itching, boils, etc. Rashes are usually very hard and uncomfortable to deal with but they subside on their own in a couple of days. Rashes can result from heat exposure, allergic skin reaction, underlying health conditions, etc.

From little babies to old people, everyone is vulnerable to rashes. That being said, some basic steps are imperative to prevent the formation of rashes on the skin. Read on to find out:

Stay dry from sweat: Sweat, as harmless as it seems, can damage the skin if it gets accumulated in the sweat pores. Armpits, the area between the toes, skin folds, etc are very prone to rashes and skin infections. It is ideal that you always carry a hand towel if you are indulging in any activity that might cause sweating.

Wear comfortable clothes: Wearing tight and body-hugging clothes cause skin irritation which can, in turn, lead to rashes. Always choose loose and comfortable clothes as they allow the skin to breathe and prevent skin rashes.

Know your allergens: Different people are susceptible to different types of allergens. It is important that you understand the triggers that cause rashes and work accordingly to stay away from them as much as possible.

Stay hydrated: Water can absolutely do wonders for your skin. Drinking water replenishes and rejuvenates the skin cells making them stronger and healthier. Ensure that you drink sufficient water every day to prevent dehydration and skin rashes.

Maintain basic skin hygiene: Bacteria and viruses are present on almost all surfaces. These bacteria and viruses can survive for years on a single surface and coming into contact with them repeatedly can increase your chances of skin infection. Therefore, it is imperative to practice basic hygiene like washing hands, moisturizing your skin, etc.

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