Health Resolutions for 2021


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4 New Year Resolutions Your Health Will Thank You For

New years come and go. Very few of us honour our resolutions. We mandatorily make a few promises in the spirit of the new year and new beginnings. But in a few weeks, the eagerness wears out. Usually, the reason we are unable to follow through with our resolutions is that we set impractical goals for ourselves or we get carried away because of peer pressure and try to outdo others in terms of how difficult our new year resolution is.But, that doesn’t mean you should steer clear of resolutions because you always fail. We are instead simply asking you to set your sights on realistic goals. Your resolutions should be easy to follow through and should also benefit you immensely.That is why there can be no better resolutions than health resolutions! Here are a few easy-to-implement promises for you to adopt-Continue with masks and sanitizationIndia will soon be rolling out its COVID-19 vaccination driiiVVve. In all likelihood, our entire population of 1.3 billion people will be vaccinated by next year. But that does not mean you should chuck away those bottles of sanitisers and toss your masks into the trash can. Pledge to keep using both even after you've been vaccinated. You see, scientists don’t know how long the COVID vaccine would be effective. It could be for just a year and you might need booster doses every year. So until we know for certain all healthcare experts will advise you to continue wearing masks. Masks will also keep you safe from the abrasive   And as for alcoholic hand sanitisers and soaps, they can save your life! They kill not just coronavirus but also other microbes that cause by typhoid, diarrhoea, measles, hepatitis, etc. Health check-upsMost of us live with the misconception that we only need to visit the doctor when we are sick. But actually, you must opt for a check-up to prevent illnesses. At a preemptive health check, your doctor will subject you to some routine tests that will reveal the state of your health. If these test results are even slightly abnormal, you will be given medication to put your health back on track. Major illnesses often don’t show any signs in the early phase and by the time they do, treatment may take a very long time to yield results. So your 2021 resolution should include booking health check-up consultations for yourself and your loved ones.Exercise realisticallyYou don’t have to become a gym rat, nor do you have to sculpt yourself the physique of a movie star. But exercising a little is crucial for your health and happiness. Since our lives are so stressful anyway, wanting to hit the gym may be the last thing you want to do. So find a form of exercise that de-stresses you. It would be a walk in the park, cycling around a pond, some brisk jogging along the neighbourhood alleys in the morning, yoga, home exercise, or swimming. Only if you love the activity will you persist with it. Even 20 minutes of exercise 5 times a week can keep your organs and bones in top working-order and pump your blood with happiness hormones.Take a break!While you are busy making elaborate plans to be a better version of yourself, have you ever paused to think about what your body and mind actually need? It’s a break! A breather from the stress, anxiety, and worries of everyday life. So your new year resolution should also include vacations. We know it’s not possible to be away on long vacations frequently. But try to go away somewhere peaceful with your loved ones during the weekend. Let your body and mind unwind. Stress is toxic and can usher in illnesses like heart disorders, hypertension, or diabetes.


New Year resolutions are meant to change your life for the better, but only if you can implement them. The ones we listed aren’t that exacting and with a little effort, you can easily incorporate them in your life! [av_promobox button='yes' label='Consult Doctor Now ' link='' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello'] If you want to know about other ways you can avoid lifestyle diseases, you can talk to a doctor through MediBuddy’s E-consultancy services.[/av_promobox]