Happy World Heart Day- Know Your Heart Better!


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All around the globe, the World Heart Organization celebrates World Heart Day to spread awareness about cardiovascular diseases. The main motive of World Heart Day is to inform people that heart and cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and we can all work together to minimize this condition. The World Heart Organization in association with other international organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) spreads awareness in over 100 countries by organizing activities like Health checks, sports activities, fitness runs, talks, exhibitions, etc.

While all of this is happening is on a global level, it is very important for each one of us to make a move on an individual level for the health of our heart. That being said one of the first moves you can make towards the health of your heart is by knowing your heart. So here are some things that you should keep in mind about your heart:

Your heart beats at least once every second i.e at least 60 times in a minute that comes up to approximately 100,000 times in a single day. Talk about putting an effort!

If you are curious about the size of your heart, just make a fist.

The first heart cell starts beating as early as 28 days i.e 4 weeks.

Your heartbeat is nothing but the sound of the opening and closing of your valve leaflets.

Each minute your heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood ie. almost 5.5 liters of blood. Woaah!

Except for the cornea, the heart supplies blood to all (75 trillion) cells in the body. Social service at it's finest!

One cardiac cycle- the contracting and relaxing of your heart muscle takes about 0.8 seconds.

Heart attack symptoms are different in men and women. Men experience nausea, sweating, chest pain whereas women experience breathing problems, back pain, dizziness, etc.

75-150 minutes of physical activity every week is the best thing you can do for your heart.

Sitting for long hours is one of the biggest threats for your heart.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the heart pumps blood through a system that's 60,000 miles long. Say whaaaa?

Happiness lowers your risk of heart disease. Therefore, always stay happy!

Your heart runs like a well-oiled machine. The right side pumps blood into your lungs while the left side pumps it back into the body.

The first signs of heart disease were found in 3500-year-old mummies.

Compared to men, a woman’s heartbeat is faster by almost 8 beats per minute. Girl power everywhere!

Heart cancer is very rare with as low as 1 case every year, that’s because the heart cells stop dividing very early which prevent cancer-causing mutations.

We place our hand on the left side of our chest to feel our heart but our heart is actually located in the center of the chest, right below the sternum.

It is actually possible to die from a broken heart. It is called ‘broken heart syndrome’ and is caused due to a rush of stress hormones from an emotional or physical stress event.

The system which controls the rhythm of your heart is called the cardiac conduction system.

Unlike other muscles, the heart contractions are not regulated by the brain and therefore, it functions even if it is disconnected from the body.

Congratulations! You have taken your first step towards loving your heart.

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Happy World Heart Day!

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