Expert Advice: Tips To Deal With Hairfall


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Hair is a natural jewel, Hair is the crown of the human body; society has placed a great deal of social, religious and cultural importance on hair and hairstyles. Hair loss is most common and annoying problem at various stages of life in almost everyone. Most of the times, hair loss is beyond the cosmetic importance, it has a major psychological role to play in maintaining self confidence and self esteem. India has a tradition of applying oil unlike other countries, applying oil can be helpful or harmful depending on the hair type and scalp condition. There is a long list of causes for hair loss, some of the common ones being any form of psychological or physical stress i.e. stress induced hair loss, genetic patterned hair loss, autoimmune hair loss, dandruff issue, fungal infections of scalp etc. Hairloss is considered physiological or normal when it occurs in the range of 50 to 100 hairs per day, exceeding this range should alert you to consult a trichologist.

So how do we keep our hair healthy?

Washing hair regularly at least alternate days with the right choice of shampoo and conditioners could help us prevent many hair related problems, washing hair regularly help us wash away all the unwanted oil which gets accumulated on the scalp and hair over a period which can attract dust and bacteria, to use wide toothed combs and by avoiding oil application in dandruff issues. Most of the time finding the cause for hair loss can solve half the problem. There is a leap in this segment in the recent past with plethora of treatment modalities available. Diagnosing the cause accurately and treating it can help reduce hair problems.