Fungal Infections? Here's How You Can Prevent Them


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Any disease that is caused by a fungus is known as a fungal infection. Fungal infections usually start on the surface of the skin and with time, spread to the other parts of the body making it almost impossible to deal with. India experiences more than 1 million cases of fungal infection every year. Fungal infections usually resolve within months if treated by an expert. It is imperative that a person completes the entire course of his medication in order to keep fungal infections at bay.

Listed below are some measures that one must take to prevent the formation and spreading of fungal infections.

Keep yourself dry: Fungal infections usually affect the areas that are wet and damp. Therefore, one must always ensure that places like the genital areas, underarms, toenail gaps, etc are kept dry and clean.

Be informed: The more you know about fungal infections, the better you will be able to handle it. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of fungal infections your skin type is prone to and take measures accordingly.

Maintain basic skin hygiene: Infection-causing bacteria and viruses are present on almost all surfaces. These bacteria and viruses can survive for years on a single surface and coming in contact with them repeatedly can increase your chances of fungal infection. Always indulge in good skin hygiene and moisturize your skin with antifungal moisturizers for maximum protection.

Avoid sharing clothes and other personal stuff: The best way to reduce the risk of fungal infection is to avoid sharing clothes and other personal items like towels, slippers, etc. This is because the bacteria on the other person’s skin which is transferred by sharing clothes might react negatively with your skin which can, in turn, lead to a fungal infection.

Wear clean clothes: It is imperative that you start your day with a nice shower and change into a fresh pair of clothes. Additional importance should be given to maintaining the hygiene of undergarments as wearing the same pair repeatedly can increase your chances of falling prey to fungal infections.

Consult an expert: The moment you come across any symptoms of a fungal infection, consult a dermatologist right away. He will help you understand the causes and consequences of the fungal infection in a more detailed manner and help you with the treatment options accordingly.

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