Ending The Silent Treatment of AIDS #HopeToFail


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AIDS or Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a condition caused by the escalation of HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus. As the name suggests, it targets the patient's immune system, and uncontrolled escalation of the same can be life threatening. However, if it is life threatening, why isn’t it spoken about as often, or known to be life threatening as, let’s say, smoking?

AIDS and the Society

We often hear that if someone has AIDS, then they must be a sex addict, or that they’re sleeping with anyone and everyone. If not they must definitely be a prostitute. If someone is HIV+, they could have AIDS without having done any of the above mentioned things. All it takes is a single act which can lead to the transfusion of the infection into the bloodstream. If someone is HIV+, they have more than enough on their plate to have any misconceptions about the person(s) involved floating around.

We discriminate. AIDS doesn’t

History has known great people like Freddy Mercury and Rock Hudson who lost their lives to AIDS. But the most important thing is that, they lived their lives trying to bring some positivity into the lives of those who are infected by HIV/AIDS. AIDS doesn’t pick and choose its next victim, that’s exactly the point. That patient shouldn’t ever once feel like a victim. To be a friend, parent, teacher, mentor & importantly to understand that that person did nothing wrong should be our motive.

Break the Wheel

Since the last seven decades of our country’s independence and the many,
many years of its rich heritage, it is unfortunate that the common perception has been that HIV is not the problem, sex is the problem. That is not true, HIV/AIDS is a fatal form of illness which can lead to a loss of life, maybe more than one as we have seen over the years.

So on World AIDS Day 2019, let’s make a pledge to create an AIDS-free India. Take the only test we would all love to fail. Be informed, inform others and always get yourself tested for HIV. STD tests are available at DocsApp’s certified labs. Share the positivity. Stay HIV negative.

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