Do’s and Don’ts For COVID-19 Vaccination


Table of Contents

It’s time to take the jab! Getting vaccinated against coronavirus is the only way to keep ourselves and our families safe from the dreaded novel coronavirus. Vaccination is the need of the hour as it can reduce hospitalisations and fatalities related to COVID-19. However, do not worry, we’ve compiled a set of guidelines  to help you go through the vaccination process smoothly!


  • DO stay at the vaccination centre for 30 minutes after receiving your COVID vaccine shot. It allows you as well as the doctor to monitor any adverse event following immunisation.
  • DO remember that it is normal to have side effects after vaccination. You might experience mild fever, fatigue, pain at the injection site and body ache. This is similar to the side effects that occur post some other vaccines too.
  • DO remember that there is nothing to worry about in case you do not show any symptoms after getting vaccinated.
  • DO continue following COVID precautionary measures even after you are fully vaccinated. Wear a mask, maintain social distance and practice hand hygiene. One can get infected with COVID-19 even after the vaccination, which is why it is essential to take all precautions.
  • DO  take adequate rest for a couple of days after you are vaccinated. Make sure to stay hydrated and  sleep well.
  • DO seek medical advice if your symptoms persist for more than a few days. You can consult a doctor online from the comfort of your home with MediBuddy.
  • DO make sure you use your vaccinated arm. Muscle soreness is an especially common vaccine side effect but exercising and movement will relax and prevent your muscle from becoming too stiff.
  • DO download the vaccination certificate.


  • DON’T  miss out on your appointment as it could result in a wasted dose of the vaccine. We are already amidst a vaccine crisis and this is the last thing we need. Once the syringes are thawed, they must be used the same day or thrown away.
  • DON’T panic about the side effects immediately after getting vaccinated. While there may be side effects due to vaccination, they are usually mild and go away in a couple of days.
  • DON’T hesitate to report side effects and symptoms that you experience after your vaccination, no matter how minor you think they are.
  • DON’T self-medicate to treat the vaccine’s side-effects.
  • DON’T  toss your mask and stop social distancing afterward. Continue following COVID protocols.
  • DON’T post a selfie with your vaccine certificate or vaccine card. Your card has details like your name, birth date and the location that could be an invitation for scammers.
  • DON’T lose or throw away your vaccine certificate or vaccine card.
  • DON’T prescribe your medicines to someone else. Each individual is different and one may suffer adverse effects. A doctor can suggest what’s best.


Make sure to take the shot at the earliest to help build your immunity. Your immune response will get better thanks to vaccination. The first dose of the vaccine typically primes the immune response by creating antibodies.

With the second dose, you already have some level of protection from the antibodies, which allows the immune system to respond quickly to the vaccine.

For more information you can always talk to a doctor online on DocsApp.