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Let’s be honest here: We are a free app, alright! You can download the app for FREE from the Playstore and the App store. However, If you want to consult a doctor you need to pay for your consultation.

“Arey, but you guys are #1 Free app on the Playstore, why do you charge?” A handful of users have raised this as an issue.

Fair enough. Let us explain to you what all do you get on Docsapp, why financial express mentions us as the top Medical App and why Iverbinden claims DocsApp to be an app that every Indian MUST have on their phones.

  1. Online consultation with Top MD Doctors within 30 minutes: There are over 2000 top doctors on the app, all MD specialists who are carefully screened all selected. The online consultation is charged to pay for the doctor’s time - just like how one does offline. But what’s different is:

    • If you’re not satisfied with your consultations, we have a 100% refund policy, no questions asked.
    • It happens without having to wait in long queues outside top doctors’ clinics and it’s available 24*7, especially in times of emergency.
  2. FREE Self Tests & Health Blogs - DocsApp also helps you to gain knowledge about your own body and health through well crafted self- tests. The app has free e-books and articles written by established doctors in the medical fraternity.

  3. Maintain all health records for FREE - DocsApp is the only app that you'll need to maintain your health records. You can access you prescriptions, lab test results, and medical bills from anywhere at anytime. You can use the medical bills to file your IT returns as well.

  4. Order Medicines and Labs online: At the end of your consultation, the doctor will provide you an e-prescription and a detailed diagnosis report. You can choose to order your medicines on the app and your medicines will be delivered to your doorstep. DocsApp also facilitates home pick-up for lab tests in over 3000 pin codes.

In a nutshell:
Here’s why you Docsapp is one of the few MUST have apps on every Indian’s phone -
Using DocsApp, you can consult specialist MD doctors and avail world-class consultations at a fraction of the price that you would pay at any offline hospital. You don't have to make appointments or wait in serpentine queues to the talk to a doctor; You can even order medicines and book Lab tests using the app and avail all free diagnostic tests and blogs the App has to offer, making you more self aware of your body

DocsApp is the only app that you will need to take care of all your health care needs;

A doctor awaits you on the app, consult now!

Stay healthy. Stay happy.

-The DocsApp Team