DocsApp Soapbox-Ravikanth Andhavarpu shares his experience


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A bouquet for DocsApp-#

Two months ago the wife of the watchman of our building had a skin infection. Most of these people are not literate and usually migrate from villages. She went to two government hospitals to get the infection treated. Travel costs quite a bit for them even if they use government operated public transport. Neither of the visits helped her. Then she ran to the closest private hospital when the problem aggravated considerably. She spent almost 1200 rupees with the private hospital. That also did not sort her problem out. She approached my mom who has been using DocsApp for a while. My mom did the chat with the doctor on her behalf. It got cured.

The most exciting thing story I learnt from Satish is the following. They had people asking for access who did not have any access to electronic payments. The people were so enterprising that they asked his phone number so that they can recharge it and pay :). We have many success stories from CFI. Making the impact of this sort is a little rare.

With a very thoughtful CEO Satish and a lively CTO Enbasekar D I wish that they become very successful so that lot more people get access to medical care. They also seem to have raised a little bit of money recently if you are looking for a job :).

This article first appeared on Ravikanth Andhavarpu's LinkedIn profile.