Do working women neglect their health?


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5 ways working women can stop neglecting their health

Women across the world have an unwritten hierarchy etched in their heads. They tend to forget to prioritize their needs and when it comes to their health, it often takes a back seat. There are exceptions, however, studies have shown that the majority of women, especially working women, are finding it hard to prioritize their health. Cardiac related issues, stress levels and even infertility rates are on the rise according to recent studies. What can be done?

1. Avoid playing down their illness

Women tend to dismiss any issue they may have, shrugging it off as common, or add the ‘it’ll go away in no time’ line to it. Many illnesses can be treated and complications avoided with proper diagnosis and early treatment.

2. Taking time off

Most women are managing families and working. It makes it harder for them to manage their health too. Simple health checks and regular conversations with doctors or nutritionists can help keep a track of their health.

3. Finding the weakness

Understanding what diseases they could be prone to and tackling them beforehand by incorporating lifestyle changes and a better diet.

4. Starting small

It could be as simple as standing and using the laptop while working. Developing micro habits can help them slowly, yet steadily, reach larger health related goals.

5. Mental health above everything else

Stress at the workplace or quarrels at home, everything has a domino effect. Mental health must be prioritized. Simply must.

Be it raising children or an army, women make sure they get the job done, right? Then why not prioritize their precious health?  It’s time for working women everywhere to stop putting their health in the back seat and take control of their well-being.