Dear Organization- Sick Leaves For Mental Health Issues!


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Dear Work Organization,

Hello! Shreya’s brain here. Hope you’re doing well. I work in the Communications and Marketing Department with Shreya and I’m writing this letter to you as I want to bring a very important issue to your notice. Approximately over a month ago, Harsh’s body had viral fever and therefore, he was permitted to take a sick leave. However, just recently, I wasn’t able to function to my optimal best and give my 100% due to lack of sleep and extreme work-related stress and when Shreya asked the team head if she could take a half day, he turned us down. He told Shreya that she just needs some fresh air and coffee to make things right. The worst part is that he wasn’t even taking the situation seriously. I mean how unfair is that? Specifically, you out of all people should know that working in the Communications and Marketing Department is quite an easy job for the body but it is an extremely exhausting job for the brain. Sometimes, just like the other organs, the brain also needs its share of rest. I know that I’m a very efficient organ and have a lot of potential in me, but can you please consider the harsh reality that there are so many other things affecting me as well? The responsibility of running a household, managing the finances, the pressure of submitting work before the deadlines, lack of sleep; everything adds up making it very difficult for me to give my 100%. I don’t really want to talk about Shreya’s personal life here but while we are on the subject, you should know that things aren’t that great at home with her husband. They have been constantly fighting due to which we both have been very depressed. She doesn’t let it show on her face but she’s in a very bad spot and so am I. Last week, we made an appointment with a therapist because I’m having very serious anxiety issues.

Anyways, coming back to the purpose of this letter; all I’m asking from you is to understand that just like the body can fall prey to an infection or fever, I can fall prey to weaknesses and illnesses as well. In fact, statistics have shown that most of the major long-term illnesses are linked to unresolved mental health problems. Please understand that if I fail to perform efficiently, all aspects of Shruthi’s life are affected; her mood, her body, her performance at work, etc and I really don’t want her to suffer any more than she already is.

Please, please, please consider this letter and allow sick leaves for mental health issues as well. There are a lot of Shreya’s out there and it is indeed the need of the hour. Hoping to receive a positive response.

Thanking you,
Shreya’s brain.

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This World Mental Health Day and every day, remember your mental health comes first!
Team DocsApp.