Daily Skin Tips For Diwali - Moisturise | Day 3 Of #5DaysToDiwaliGlow


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The festive season can be very exhausting and one can run dry in every sense of the word. The constant travel and the environment changing at a rapid pace, there is little to be done in order to keep he skin from suffering from dryness. While there are many different ways one can go about resolving the issue, DocsApp has 5 very tips to give the skin the perfect Diwali glow. Now, with only 3 days remaining till the D-Day, another very simple thing that can be done specifically to combat dry skin is to moisturise it.

When going about moisturising your skin, here are a few things to keep in mind:

·         Recognise your type of skin, i.e., if your skin is dry of oily.

·         If you have a dry skin, gently wash it with water. But be careful not to wash it too much since that can make the skin even more dry instead of adding moisture to it. Thus, it is better to wash with warm water instead of cold water.

·         Exfoliate the skin using a gentle exfoliate. Be careful when choosing an exfoliate to moisturise with. Avoid using anything with grains such as coffee power and sugar. Instead, go for gentler exfoliates that will actually help remove dead, dry skin cells and reveal the natural glow underneath.

·         Make sure the exfoliate being used is labelled ‘dry skin’. Exfoliates for each skin type have different ingredients working to achieve the same effect.

·         Moisturise directly after a face wash. This will help retain the moisture from the facewash and further hydrate the skin to bring out the natural glow in the fullest possible form.

This simple tip can give the skin natural foundation that is absolutely essential to bring out the glow which is as radiant as the Diwali lights around.

Looking for more tips that cater to your skin care needs? Then you can always talk to a doctor online on DocsApp. Talk and consult with experts and get the perfect Diwali glow this festive season.