Daily Skin Tips For Diwali - Gentle Scrub | Day 2 Of #5DaysToDiwaliGlow


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As we get closer to Diwali, with only a week left to get things in order, getting the perfect look should be on top of our list today, tomorrow, & until the day of Diwali. . However, then again, there is always a starting point to getting the perfect Diwali look. The one thing all those celebrating need to take care of is our skin.

The desire for the skin to glow as radiant as the surrounding lights is something everyone wants. However, the question is, does everyone make it a first priority? When looking for tips on how the skin can attain the perfect Diwali glow, look no further than our tip for Day 2 of  #5DaysToDiwaliGlow

Now, counting the 4 days to Diwali, here’s what to do in order to get the perfect Diwali glow for your skin. Use a gentle scrub to clean the skin and reduce dullness. While washing the skin with plain water will rid it of pollutants such as dust, harmful gases and other particles, using a scrub will make sure that none of the pores of the skin are clogged when the scrubbing is completed. All the pollutants in the air tend to clog the pores on the skin and make it very difficult for the skin to breathe. Scrubbing the skin after a thorough wash makes sure that each pore is free of dirt, and the skin gets the breathing space it needs for its natural glow to become more and more visible.

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