Signs Of Ear Infection And How To Prevent It


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Consult a doctor for ear infection

Our ears are one of the most delicate organs of our body. Apart from hearing, the ear also plays a great role in maintaining the body’s balance. Needless to say, ear infections can cause a lot of distress to a person. We tell you why it happens and how to avoid ear related issues.

Common types of ear infections

Ear infections top the list of the most common ear problems. The most prevalent ear infections are:

  1. Middle Ear Infection – This is a condition where a bacterial or viral infection causes an inflammation behind the eardrum. Though mostly common in children, middle ear infection symptoms in adults manifest as a more serious health concern and must be attended to immediately. This condition is characterised by pain in the ear, disturbed sleep, fever, having trouble hearing etc.
  2. Swimmer’s Ear – Signs of ear infection of this sort include itching sensation in the ear, redness on the inside of the ear, discomfort in the ear and when the pinna is pulled it causes pain. Though this is mild in the beginning, persistent ear infection may spread that could lead to the swelling of the lymph nodes present in your neck and blocked ear pain. There is a common connection of swimming with ear infection of this sort and it is evident from the nomenclature of it too. This bacterial infection is acquired from water as the causative agent of this condition primarily dwells in water.
  3. Labyrinthitis – It is a form of disorder of the inner ear where the nerves get inflamed. Common ear problems associated with this condition are vertigo, nausea and hearing loss. Inner ear infection treatment in adults as well as in children is done by using medications such as antihistamines, meclizine, sedatives and corticosteroids for providing relief from its symptoms.

Everyday problems faced due to ear infection

Ear infections can affect day to day lives in a number of ways. Normal activities like using earphones, traveling in an aeroplane and swimming can be restricted due this ailment. Various researches have also established a relationship between high carbohydrate diet and ear infections as they induce mucus production greatly by causing congestion and inflammation.

Tips to prevent ear infection

  1. All methods of ear infection cure and prevention depend greatly upon the hygiene that is maintained when it comes to the ear. Using soft cloth to wipe the outer ear and not inserting any sharp objects is an important part of maintaining good ear health.
  2. It is import for parents to know what causes ear infections in infants as it is most prevalent at that age. Preventing colds from aggravating, breastfeeding them to the right age and be avoiding exposure to smoke especially from wood and cigarette can help small children greatly to be safe from such conditions.
  3. Visiting a doctor must be done on priority if constant ear pain persists and/or any fluid oozes from it.

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