Celebrating Mother’s Day: Make Everyday Special


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Dr. Anand Philip
Dr. Anand Philip
MBBS, MRCGP[INT]Celebrating Mother’s Day: Make Everyday Special

Making a mother happy is perhaps the easiest, and the simplest thing to do, because even a small gesture of love can bring a glow to her face. Your mother’s world has drastically changed during your growing years. Remember, she has aged with you. Just as growing up has been a new journey of discovery for you, she has faced troubles in her unique way, trying to balance her responsibilities with the joys of motherhood.

If your mother is aged above 40 years and feeling left out of your life, this Mother’s Day is the time to make special efforts to reach out to her.

For May 8 and days beyond that, here are a few things to do to make your mother happier.

  1. Take her on a health checkup: Your mother’s body may be undergoing changes that she herself is unable to comprehend. Some women experience perimenopause symptoms past the age of 40. A health checkup will help her get expert opinion on her lifestyle and correct any health issues on time.
  2. Be patient: Just like the rest of us, mother’s carry burdens of the past. Hormone changes associated with age can also lead to mood swings. The best way to deal with it, is to be patient.
  3. Make time to spend with her: Though it is a demanding life, make some time to be with your mother. No matter how grown up you are, you will always need her and, she will always cherish your efforts you make exclusively for her.
  4. Acknowledge her problems and listen to her: If your mother appears moody, do not pretend that all is well. Reach out, acknowledge and be a patient listener. Even if you may not be able to solve all her problems, she will be comforted by your concern.
  5. Let her be: Do not lay down rules for your mother’s behaviour and lifestyle. Respect her individuality, and allow her to be the way she wishes to be. Make efforts to help her pursue her interests.
  6. Yes, do send her flowers and gifts: Flowers and gifts will make her happy. If you do not live with your mother, make a visit or a call. Most importantly, do not restrict your show of affection only for special occasions. Make it a habit to call on her.