Can Weight Issues affect your skin ?


Obesity, a debilitating non communicable disease has various negative impacts such as heart diseases, blood pressure complications, sexual urge complications, self esteem issues etc. Not only does obesity cause physiological discrepancies, it also causes dermatological problems such as increased sebaceous secretions, acanthosis nigricans, keratosis pilaris etc.

Read further to know more about obesity and the associated skin problems.

Stretch Marks: Stretch marks are a common occurrence in obese people as they have sudden spurts of increase in fat tissue and the skin above the tissue stretches. Stretch marks result in areas of skin tissue perpendicular to the direction of the greatest tension.

Acanthosis Nigricans: It is common skin pigmentation disease in obese individuals with history of diabetes. The most notable sign of this disease is the dark patches seen on the skin with a thick, velvety texture to the skin. The affected area usually are itchy and have a distinct odor. These patches are generally seen in underarms, neckline, pantyline etc

Skin Infections: Individuals who are obese are at greater risk for skin infections, including candida infections, folliculitis, ringworm infection etc. Individuals with high body mass index tend to have deeper skin folds and excess sweating, which can lead to friction, moisture, and skin rashes. All of these can make the skin prone to infections from yeast, bacteria and fungus.

Delayed Wound Healing: Obese individuals have high blood sugar levels which inhibits the natural healing process or substantially delays the wound healing, making the individual prone to infections and re-infections.

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