Calisthenics Home Workouts For Beginners


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The term calisthenics originates from Greek, where the word Kalos expresses beauty and Sthenos means strength. Calisthenics or callisthenics are a form of core strength exercises to work on the bulkier muscles of the body.

It also works towards attaining an excellent and healthy body weight without using equipment or with the use of minimal equipment. While carrying out calisthenic exercises, your mind and body should synchronize together to accomplish the target. Once mind and body go together, you will be able to achieve stability, strength, and mobility in your workouts.

In this new era, people have invented their versions of calisthenics, one of them is competitive callisthenic which is commonly known as street workout or street sport. These new exercises include some touches of acrobats, dance, and gymnastics. Since there is marginal use of equipment, the entire body performs the workout, which is from toes to head. The muscles and flexibility are developed without weights. Some of the common calisthenics exercises are squats, jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, crunches, and dips.

Is calisthenics better than gym exercises?

Calisthenics does not require external tools, and you can perform it anywhere. Since there are continuous movements and rapid position switching, it is effective in weight loss and outlining muscles. Though in gyms, there are tools and apparatuses used to build up your body muscles. In gyms, one aims to build a muscular body but calisthenics helps to build a detailed and toned physique even while you are in the comfort of your home.

Exercises for beginners

  1. Bench/chair dips:
    Take a chair or bench or even a bed would work. Sit on the edge with your legs apart and knees making a 90 ̊ angle, your hand on the sides of the bench. Now make the core of your body tight and drop your body off the edges of the bench (chair, bed, table, etc.). Keep your head and body straight, hold it down for 3 seconds and slowly pull yourself up back.
  2. Squats:
    A very effective exercise, in a standing position, split your legs apart, back and chin straight, toes bit out. Now bring your hands straight in front of you, and clutch your glutes and you will observe that your pelvic region is even with your toes position. Push down your hips and bend the knees at the same time. Remember, your weight must be on the heels and not the toes. Come back up and repeat it.
  3. Jumping jacks:
    Your initial position will have your legs joined and arms at your sides in a standing position. You have to jump next, so bend your knees a little, and jump with legs open wide and arms stretched out and swung over the head. Return to the initial position and repeat it at a fast pace almost non-stop.  
  4. Crunches:
    This exercise helps to flatten your stomach and abdomen region. Lie down on a mat, screw your feet on the floor, arms joined behind the head or across the chest. Bend your knees, inhale and lift your upper body towards your knees. Breathe and go back to the primary position. Repeat it in various sets to get best results.
  5. Lunges:
    Stand straight with hands-on the sides of the waist, legs apart at hip-width. Now a big step forward, and lower your body until the knee of the other leg nearly touches the ground. Use heels instead of toes to move forward. And then, with the heel, push yourself back into a standing position and continue with the other leg.
  6. Pull-ups:
    Stand tall in front of the pull-up bar. Raise your arms high. Hold the pull-up bar firmly with your hands and make sure they are dry. After holding the bar, lift your body with the help of your arms and cross your legs once they are in the air. Try to lift as much as you can and gradually, pull down your body. Repeat the same.
  7. Skipping rope:
    Skipping rope is fun to play and exercise with. We all must have used skipping ropes at least once in our childhood. Stand straight with your arms wide open holding a skipping rope. Swing the rope over your head till your toes. Once it reaches the toes, skip the rope and jump. Make sure you skip continuously and lift both legs at the same time.

These are exercises that require little or no tools at all. You can carry out this workout at home or even during breaks at the workplace. All you have to do is have the willpower to get the workout done!

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