Benefits of Walking For 30 Minutes Every Day


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It is common knowledge, that exercise is a necessary element in staying fit & being healthy. However, surprisingly fitness doesn’t necessarily come from running long distances, or lifting weights in the gym. You should know that you’re exercising every time you walk.

Walking is one of the earliest forms of exercises known to man, but is it effective in the long run, does walking really help in keeping fit? Let's looks at some important benefits that come from walking for 30 minutes daily.

Improved Physical & Mental Health: A walk in the park or your neighbourhood helps relieve stress. Walking has been known to improve symptoms associated with disorders such as depression and anxiety & even control sudden anger outbursts.

Apart from addressing mental health concerns, walking for thirty minutes daily; boosts blood circulation & immune cell production. This helps build natural immunity against common ailments.

Helps in controlling Weight: Running easily tops the list of best exercises that help in losing weight. However, for people with joint pains or older patients with weaker joints can always rely on walking. Walking is an easier form of cardiovascular exercise as it is gentler on the knees and ankle joints.

Walking also helps in keep a check, on blood sugar. Occasional spikes in blood sugar content result in sudden cravings for sweets, milkshakes & other sugar-rich food items. Going for a walk can help avoid & control cravings by regulating metabolism, which in turn helps to avoid diabetes & cholesterol.

Improved Mobility: As we grow older, we become less agile and our bones start to get weaker. Being active and walking daily at a younger age helps delay the onset of arthritis, joint pains & other bone & muscle disorders.

Adding at least 30 mins of walk to your daily routine can greatly enhance the health of muscles & bones. Thereby ensuring better mobility in the long run.

Helps Keep The Heart Healthy: The art of walking briskly gives a good workout to the heart. Walking gets the heart pumping without putting too much pressure on your knees. A minimum of thirty minutes of a day has been shown to reduce the risk for heart disease by at least 30%

Helps Prevent Kidney Cancer: Daily exercise can help prevent cancer or reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancers & walking every day goes a long way in keeping cancer at bay.

Studies have shown that walking for three hours on a weekly basis, may reduce the risk of kidney cancer.

A simple brisk walk each day can greatly improve your health. Daily walking has all the benefits that a regular gym exercise does. Moreover, sweating after a good walk session is an essential body function that helps in ridding the body of excess salts, & it helps to keep a check on lung health.

Lot of us conveniently find time for walking daily, but these long term benefits should definitely encourage you to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. For more info on exercise & staying healthy talk to a Gen Med Doctor on DocsApp.

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