Baby’s Solid Start (Process of Weaning)


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Dr. Kiran Kinger
Dr. Kiran Kinger
CCST from UK – PediatricsBaby’s Solid Start (Process of Weaning)

These ideas regarding starting solid foods (Weaning) are General guidelines(not rules) and please do formulate your own way. Do what best suits the baby, you and the family at various times. Respecting the fact that individual people are different. Preferences, cultures, traditions, state-wise food habits, etc are some of the variables to keep in mind!

Some basic tips

It is best to avoid added sugar, salt and cow’s milk in the first year of life.

Use your own expertise & experience, take help from any elder/family member. There is No right or wrong way to slowly improve the feeds (your baby is the Best Guide. Watch for satisfaction, adjustment, stool changes – as aAppropriate)

If in doubt, stop and review the situation. However, continue breast feeds and / or Formula feeds as enjoyed before. Babies can feed approximately every 2-3 hours at daytime & can be offered solids and milk feeds alternate or together (depends)!


  1. Slow but steady progress(start with once a day then twice-a-day after few days, then every three hours if the baby enjoys it anddigests well…)
  2. Apple – cooked puree/paste/sauce.
  3. Banana – ripe and mashed well – can add clean warm water to make smoother.
  4. Carrot – cooked paste – can add to rice based cereal powder withenough water.
  5. Dhal water – cooked dhal(yellow lentil, moong first, toor dhal later).
  6. Rice is easily digested in babies between 4-6 months : offer – Rice powdered cereal like Nestum, Cerelac, First Bites ( All FLAVORS ), Easum, etc. RAGI is easily digested. Wheat cereal with milk like Cerelac – just add right amount of water to prepare a porridge like feed. Other grains – home-made, ready packs can be tried as per cultural preference, family experience, etc.
  7. Offer water to drink – at any stage, with food items, in sips as enjoyed/tolerated by baby.
  8. Veg clear soup can be tried to drink or can be mixed with cereal powder.
  9. The quantity, consistency, variety and quality of foods will improve (increase) with time…