Babycare for New Dads


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Babycare for New Dads

Congratulations! You’re a proud papa now!Staying actively involved during your baby’s formative years has positive effects for your baby.  Research suggests that newborns and infants with involved fathers are more likely to be sociable and emotionally secure.Here are some basics of baby care for new Dads:

1. Hold your baby

In the first few weeks, physical contact with your baby is essential as it boosts development. It will also help foster an emotional connection between you and your baby. If you haven’t grown up around children, chances are you are yet to master the art of holding a baby. There are many ways to hold a baby. Your baby should be held in a way that provides support to his/her neck, back and bottom. To start off, learn the cradle-hold:

  • The crook of your arm should support the baby’s head and neck.
  • Your hand should support the baby’s buttock

2. Learn to change a diaper

It goes without saying that learning to change a diaper is Parenthood 101. Getting your hands dirty (sometimes literally) can help boost your confidence in the new Dad department. This everyday activity also helps you build a one-on-one relationship with your little one.Get started on changing a diaper:

  1. Lay your baby on his/her back
  2. Unfasten the old diaper tabs. Slide the diaper off the baby.
  3. Wipe the baby clean from front to back to prevent an infection.
  4. Place a new diaper under your baby.  The side with the tabs should be on the bottom.
  5. Bring up the front of the diaper and attach the tabs.

3. Calm your baby

It’s not all giggles and games when it comes to babycare. Oftentimes your baby will cry into the night. The first thing to do in such situations is to find the reason behind the tears. It could be that your baby is hungry or is in physical discomfort. In this case, feeding the baby or putting him/her in a comfortable position should do the trick.If the reason is something else, here are some ways to soothe a baby’s cry:

  • Swaddle your baby: Wrap up your baby in a blanket like a burrito! This gives the little one a womb-like atmosphere, helping calm the nerves.
  • Rock your baby: Rocking your baby back and forth with your arms or a rocking chair can have a soothing effect for the baby.
  • Sing to your baby: Your voice might be the stress reliever that your baby needs. Sing a lullaby or any song to stop your baby from crying.

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