The Real Reason Why Your Baby Won't Stop Crying


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Dear Mom,

Hi, mommy! I know that I haven’t been the best daughter for the past 2 weeks. I keep interfering with your afternoon chores and I irritate you all night. I hate the fact that I’m just 6 months old and can’t talk because life would’ve been so much easier for us. I have tried multiple times to ignore the things that are troubling me but I just can’t and I end up crying and making you sad.

But enough is enough! I am your daughter and I know that you don’t want me to be selfish. That’s why I’m writing this letter to tell about all the reasons why I have been crying lately.

There are just so many reasons mommy! The main reason behind my crying is hunger. I know that you do everything in your power to make sure that I get all my milk-meals on time (I love milk, mommy!) but sometimes when I see everyone having chicken and rice at the dinner table, I just can’t hold my hunger and I end up crying. While we are it, I can’t wait to begin potty-training because** I hate, hate, hate wearing a dirty diaper.** It makes it very difficult for me to lie down because everything is so heavy down there. All helpless, I cry!

Let’s talk about last Wednesday. I know that it was the worst night of our lives but in my defense, everything was working against me. I swear mommy!** I couldn’t sleep all night because first of all, those evil black little, dengue-giving flying monsters were constantly biting and irritating me (sometimes, other things irritate me too) and secondly, my stomach was too full because of all the yummy milk you fed me. I thought that a little extra won’t harm me, but I was wrong. My stomach was aching like crazy and I needed to burp** but you know na that I can’t burp without your help. I cried because I needed some rest as three bad things happening at the same time was too much for me to take and what’s with the weather ma? Sometimes, it’s too hot and sometimes it’s just sooo cold. Please tell the sun and the moon that I hate crying because of the constantly changing temperature. Can you please ask them to decide on one thing?

By the way, I’m very, very super angry on you. Why didn’t you hold me while sleeping on Friday night? You know how much I love when you hold me and sleep. I cried and tried telling it to you instead of holding me, you ended up feeding me. I wasn’t even hungry. Promise me right now that you’ll hold me every night and sing me to sleep. Promise! Now!  

I think I’m done. Sorry mommy.. Oh wait! I totally forgot. That day when you left me on my cot to play with my new toy, I hurt myself on my back of my arm. Don’t worry! It’s just a teenie- weenie scratch but it was hurting the other day. Please don’t leave me alone and look for scratches once in a while or else I’ll have no option but to cry.

Also, I need to tell you a little secret. Please don’t be angry but on Sunday, daddy and I played a little trick on you. He wanted to watch the cricket match and that’s why he asked me to purposely cry just so I could get your attention. We knew that you won’t ignore me and we used it against you. Sorry mommy! I hope you understand.

I promise to reduce my crying but whenever I do cry, just know that it’s because of these reasons. By the way, that day I saw Aunt Sheila asking some questions about her little son Satish to some lady on DocsApp. I think it is something useful because Satish hardly ever cries. Bye mommy! I need to rest now. Please read this quickly and come here and sing me to sleep. You’re the best mom eveeer!

I love you,

Baby Boo